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Pure Romance
Pure Romance Pure Romance Sensations - Hot Buttered Rum

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Too Damn Sticky


Ive tried this Hot Buttered Rum and the Strawberries & Whipped Cream "Sensation's" a long time ago. It wasnt what I expected. I read the bottle and it said: Sensations(TM) lubricant starts cool, warms up, and finishes hot! Out of the bottle, Sensations feels cool on the skin. Add a little friction, and the lubricant warms. Give a gentle blow, and the air activated formula delivers exciting heat! Sensations is available in mouthwatering flavors or flavorless Original. Safe with polyurethane condoms. 4 oz. What it didnt say was....it makes ya sticky! You end up sticking to everything...Couldve stuck me to the ceiling with this stuff...lol...Does the job with a mess! Was fun while it lasted.

obɐɔıɥɔ, IL


Pure Romance Pure Romance Sensations - Hot Buttered Rum

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