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Bronzer / Highlighter
Pure Romance
Pure Romance Glow

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Shimmy...shimmer...and shake.


Yes, this is from one of "those" parties. Forget the other stuff...this product is great! It smells wonderful. It is plumeria scented and isn't overly floral. It leaves a light scent and I smelled it on four different people and it smelled slightly different on each. It shimmers! I apply it to my cheekbones in the summer and it gives them a very nice sheen. Taken from the Pure Romance website," Glow is a pheromone-based shimmer cream. The use of pheromones can enhance your natural sexual scent. Pheromones are specific compounds within our body's natural aroma that can potentially affect the physiology and behavior of others. This product reacts to your own body chemistry and can enhance your mood, helping you feel more confident, sexy, and daring. Plus, the sexy shimmer can help make you more desirable to others."

Kalamazoo, MI


Pure Romance Glow

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