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Pure 'N Gentle
Pure 'N Gentle Fragrance Free Wipes

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Gentle But Not Disposeable


Pure and Gentle is a name of a wet wipes that I found in my local Wal-Mart. These wipes were found in the baby care section of the store at the end of an isle by the shampoos and soaps section. I picked up two of these packages as they had a good price on them. Now I can see why. These packages are not easy to open. You probably would need to open prior to use. With that said, I decided to put these in a used wipe container to help keep them moist and have the easy access, easy pull out feature available for when needed. The wipes are not easy to get started as they stick to themselfs. I needed to keep trying to seperate them with every use. They are not disposable so they are not good for any septic system. Although they are fragrance free, they appear a little bit smaller in lenght than other wipes that would be similar to them. **My overall impression:** Not impressed. I will not purchase these again.

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Pure 'N Gentle Fragrance Free Wipes

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