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Pure Guardian
Pure Guardian Manual Ultrasonic Humidifier


Pureguardian H2000 Ultrasonic Humidifier uses nano-silver technology to fight the growth of mold and bacteria in the water so germ-free water is vaporized into the room. The ultrasonic technology is virtually silent when running. There are no evaporating pads or wicks to clean or replace. This product even lets you know when it's time to refill the water tank. There is also the option for warm or cold humidification.

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The best humidifier on the market!!


We absolutely love our Germ Guardian humidifier. We bought it when my son was born to keep in his room. It's virtually silent and you can change the amount of mist that you want coming out of it and also the direction that it goes. You can have warm or cold mist. It's been great for the long dry winters and keeps up sleeping without waking with a sore throat and nose normally due to the dry air. We've had it for almost 3 years and it's till going strong. My only complaint would be how bright the light is on the front, but we resolved that by putting one of my sons stickers on the front of it. Other then that one thing (which doesn't take away from it's real purpose and use) I would give this thing 5+ stars. If and when this one dies on us we'll be buying another immediately.




Best humidifier in my experience


This humidifier is in the room of an eighteen-month old girl whom I nanny for. This product is effective in producing both warm and cool mist. The best feature about this particular humidifier is the large water tank. I have dealt with other humidifiers which do not produce any mist over more than an hour. (Vick's) This humidifier lasts through the night and beyond, which is really necessary during the winter months, especially with babies with runny noses! I also like that you can adjust the output to your level of comfort as well as the temperature of the mist.


Austin, TX


Great humidifier - kids love to have it in room


This humidifier is excellent, it has so many great features that makes it easy to set up and forget about it. I love the timer features where it turns itself on and off. It is very easy to maintain. Filling the machine is easy and a clean process. Just unscrew the cap (probably the hardest part - sometimes it can be tough) fill under the sink of bathtub faucet, and screw cap back on. No water leakage when placing back on the base. My kids love the blue night light (which can be turned on or off) and the digital readings make it so easy to use. It is rather large which is good because it holds a lot of water, but bad if you have cluttered bedside tables. I love the hot water / cold water options, and it runs for days without a refill. A great machine - if I have to buy another humidifier - it will be this one!


Bartlett, IL


Germ Guardian Humidifier works good but needs improvement


When our baby got his first cold, we purchased the Germ Guardian Humidifier to help him sleep better. We like having the option of either a warm or cool mist and our baby likes looking at the blue night light feature. The large capacity of the tank last a few days, although it's a little awkward to put it back on once we fill it up again. I generally have to have my husband put it back on since it's too hard for me. It doesn't leak when it's in use, but it does dribble water everywhere when we take the tank off/on when refilling it. We wish it was a little quieter because the gurgling/bubbling noise can be distracting at naptimes. We like that you can swivel the spout where the mist comes out, changing the direction of the stream. Overall it's a good humidifier for our family, although we wish it could improve on the noise, leaking, and refilling process.


Seattle, WA


works fine


After researching around from reviews on the humidifiers, we bought this one because base on the specification, it says that it will not mold and does not requires filter. In addition, it has option for cold or hot steams and different levels of mist. It comes with timer option as well, but I never figure out how to use that. After using this for a few months, there seems to be a buildup from the hard water in the area where it sprays out the mist. Good part is that the top you can take out to wash. But after I removed the top, I've found that there are also buildup inside the tube. This section I am not able to clean and makes me wonder if it's good to breath mist that has buildups. I did like that it has a big container where after filling water up to the top, it can last up to 3 days. I've found the hot steam doesn't really steam up hot steam, it feels just like the cold steams and use up the water alot quicker, so I just use the cold mist option.


San Jose, CA


Great GermGuardian Humidifier, But Spendy


I really like this humidifier. It is quiet, lasts a long time on one full tank of water, and is easy to operate. However there are some cons. First of all, it it not easy to get all of the water out of the tank for cleaning, but that is true of every humidifier I've ever had. The "warm mist" setting seems just like the cold setting in my opinion. The ultrasonic disk gets dirty quickly, and seems to require cleaning about every five days or so. It also seems to be pretty pricy. I know humidifiers are expensive, but I'm not sure this one is worth the large additional outlay. I do really like the fact that there are no filters to replace, since that can get really expensive very quickly. I am completely sold on ultrasonic humidifiers after owning this model. Overall I would recommend, as I think this is one of the best models in this price range. Its cons are really the same as all other humidifiers, and I really love the fact that this unit is SO quiet.


Beaverton, OR


Finally found the perfect humidifier


I reluctantly bought this humidifier after trying a much cheaper version in my daughter's room.  I was frustrated with the cheaper humidifier because it did not put out a fine mist, which left the floor around it soaking wet, it did not have a spray control, constantly needed new filters, and never seemed to work right.  I thought the price of this one was rather extravagant, and I was hesitant to buy it, but eventually gave in, as it seemed to solve all of the problems that I had with the previous humidifier.  I immediately loved it!  It does solve every problem I had.  It puts out an extremely fine mist, which leaves the area around it completely dry.  There is a spray control with four settings, depending on how big the room is that you are using it in.  It does not have a filter, and therefore, never needs new ones.  You just have to clean it periodically with a little brush that comes with it.  The water tank is easy to refill and replace.  And one of my favorite features is that it has the ability to output either a warm or cool mist, so you can use one humidifier for both functions.  I have used this humidifier for almost a year and wouldn't dream of changing.


Shelbyville, IN


Pure Guardian Manual Ultrasonic Humidifier

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