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Puj Puj Tub

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Puj Tub - Great idea!


We borrowed a puj tub from friends when we brought our daughter home from the hospital. It is a simple, comfortable and great way to bathe a newborn. The soft foam construction cradles baby in any sink for bath time. You can easily adjust the incline by positioning the puj tub however needed. There are magnetic connections that hold the tub together in a cradle position, and once bath time is over you can pull those magnet connections apart and hang or set aside the puj tub to dry. There are convenient holes in the foam for hooking the tub on a hook behind the bathroom door or anywhere out of the way. We kept ours in the laundry room, as it was convenient to the kitchen where we frequently bathed our baby. We never used this tub for travel, but I can see it's usefulness in that regard, as well. I believe it would fit well in any full-size suitcase and were certainly not add weight to your baggage. This is a great product that I wish was available when we had our twins! Bath time was made so much easier using the puj tub in a sink rather than bending down and over bathing a baby in a baby tub within a full bath tub. Our baby was always on the big side, but we still made use of this tub until she was about 9 months old.



Love the Puj Tub!


I have 4 kids and with each kid I found I was trying to find the best bath tub for me. Most of the ones you need to put inside a bathtub and I found that it hurt my back to constantly bend over the bathtub. I then tried a bath pod but it didn't give any support to my infant who couldn't sit up on her own. Finally with my fourth child, I found the Puj tub and tried it out. I love it! It is made out a foam type substance so it conforms to your bathroom sink of any size. No more back strain since I can just stand at the sink to bathe her. It's soft and gives my baby the support she needs to her neck. I could have the water run the entire time during the bath so that she didn't get cold. And it was easy to store. It has a notch in the top to hang it up and it'll dry easily! I no longer have to find the right tub, I've already found it!

Spring, TX


Best tub for small homes & cranky babies


After looking around at all sorts of baby bathtubs I settled on th puj tub. I live in a small house, not teeny tiny, but I don't like to take up more space than I have to with baby stuff. If you have a small place the puj tub is a must have! It folds easilly into your sink, and lays flat to hang/store. I actually don't have a good place in my bathroom to hang my tub, but I discovered that the magnetic pieces that hold the tub together when you fold it in the sink, also work to stick the puj tub to the side of my regular adult bathtub! This was a great discovery for me. Now when my baby is done bathing, I just flatten it and smack it against the side of my bathtub, and it stays there. Easy, convenient storage.So, easy storage was really the main reason I bought the puj tub - but it has also been great for my baby. He loves it. I guess it's the way it cradles him or something, but the instant I put him in this tub he calms down and starts smiling. Keep in mind I'm talking about my colicky 2 month old who hates everything.It's also great because it's at sink height so I don't have to bend over to bath him. It's at a very comfotable height. You do need to have a round sink and your faucet can't be too low, but that's pretty standard.The price tag is a bit steep for a piece of foam, but totally worth it in my opinion. I'll be sad when he outgrows it!

Riverside, CA


Puj Puj Tub

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