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Publix Fat Free Yogurt

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Not bad at all


I bought this yogurt because the fat free part of it was appealing to me. I try to really watch what I eat and so not consuming fat with this brand of yogurt definitely caught my attention. I also am a big fan of this brand and think they make high quality products. I was definitely not disappointed with the yogurt. For being fat free, it actually tasted pretty good. It was not my all time favorite yogurt, but it was pretty good. It is definitely something that I will eat again. They make this brand in multiple flavors. Therefore, it helps you not to get burned out on one flavor. I used this as a snack at work. I found it to be a healthy snack that kept me satisfied. It helped me not to eat other things that were not as good for me. I would definitely recommend trying this yogurt if you are looking for a healthier option. Flavor/Taste The flavor was pretty good. It tasted good enough for me to purchase it again. It was not my favorite of all time but was still really good. Variety My local grocery store carries multiple flavors.



This is a delicious product


This is a wonderful yogurt. It is great tasting, healthy for you and reasonably priced. The fruit on the bottom is great. This yogurt is better than other national brands in my opinion. It is something everyone in my family enjoys from my 4 yr old son to my husband and I. I would recommend this yogurt to anyone. Love it!

Tallahassee, FL


Give me my Honey Almond Yogurt!


I have begun an eating transformation and have traded in my good southern breakfasts for more healthy choices.  My morning now includes eating yogurt and after trying many different brands, I have been stuck on the Publix Brand.  My favorite flavor is the honey almond!!!  It is excellent plain or with granola added to it.  And they often run it on special making it, on average, 40 cents a container.  YUMMY, HEALTHY and INEXPENSIVE.  What else could you ask for?

Columbus, GA


Publix Fat Free Yogurt

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