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Prym Consumer
Prym Consumer Magic Wand Stain Remove Stick

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Magic Wand is a stick remover for those who do not like spray


I have used the Magic Wand Stain Remover Stick on some tough stains so that I could rub it in. It is a solid concentrated formula and is safe for all washable fabrics. You coat the soilded area with the stain stick, then wet the area and gently brush with an old toothbrush to remove the stain. Repeat if necessary and most of the time it will come out. It removes bal point pen ink, grease, chocolate, blood, wine, grass stains and perspiration. It is safe for cottons, synthetics and all washables. I suggest pretest for colorfastness. I purchased my Magic Wand Stain Remover Stick at Joann's Fabrics. It is worked well on set in grease stains for me. I like the idea of putting it on and brushing with a toothbrush to work the solid stick into the garment. I almost through away some shirts but decided to try this and it took care of the grease stains and I still have the clothes.


Bentonville, AR


Prym Consumer Magic Wand Stain Remove Stick

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