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Protron PD-DVR100 DVD Recorder

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Don't count on the timer.


I found this DVR in the clearance aisle because it was quite cheaper than other models. This model was easy to set up. It was also easy how to use. Although it looked like a bargain, it wasn't worth it. This recorder worked well until I tried to use the timer. The timer is slow making me miss part of my shows/movies. The discovered this when I set the timer to record a 2 hour movie later that day. When I came back to watch the movie I saw that only 1.5 hours were recorded and the timer was 30 minutes slow. Also the clock reset every time I turned the DVR off. Several times when I went to finalize a DVR it would get to 99% then stop on me. This would erase what I recorded. If I had the chance to buy this product all over again I wouldn't. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy this, but if you do remember the price and quality go hand and hand. Although on the surface, this looks like an ideal Christmas present, pay a little more for another model.

Lewisburg, KY


Don't waste your money


I rarely have time to watch movies.  A DVD player should last almost forever in my house.  This one has been used under 10 times & is now dead.  It does not work with any universal remote.  It no longer plays movies without freezing constantly.

Mc Kees Rocks, PA


excellant price but doesnt always perform as it should


The purchase of the **Protron PD-DVR100 DVD Recorder was **at a black Friday event. The 39.95 price tag was to hard for me to pass up. The unit was easy to hook up and before any time at all I was recording a movie that was on my DVR. After I set the unit to record in the 3 hour mode I left and came back to check when recording was complete. I pushed the play button and began to view the movie. To be sure it was complete I fast forwarded to the end to be sure that I had a complete copy. It looked like all had gone well and so I went back to the begining of the disk and the unit errored and said the disk had no content. Not sure if machine failure or operator but the disc was useless. Since then I have recorded several movies and it appears that the are good copies. Once again at the price it was worth it to me to take a chance. We will see is I feel the same a month from now.      

Owosso, MI


Protron PD-DVR100 DVD Recorder

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