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Protect America Security System

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Great Security System


We have been customers with Protect America for about 10 years. Last year I contacted them because I wanted a newer system. The woman I spoke with was as helpful as any customer service person I've ever talked to. She upgraded my system to a brand new system and lowered our monthly rate plus gave us a free month because of how long we have been with the company. She also gave us a bunch of new items and replaced the current items we had that were in need of being replaced. When I had a question I was able to contact her directly and she answered any emails I sent right away. I was very impressed and because of her I stayed with the company. Most any time I have contacted Protect America's customer service they have been very helpful. I definitely recommend this company for protecting your home.

Lincoln, DE


Good product and good service helps you feel safe in your home.


I have had the Protect America security system for almost a year now. The system was really easy to install and the staff is always very friendly. I like that I can log in on my phone and arm the system if I forget. When I was shopping for home security Protect America impressed me with their high ratings, low initial cost and easy set up. Everything from picking a package with one of their experts to having someone guide me through the installation was simple and enjoyable. The only issue I had was the smoke detector had some false readings because it was too close to an A/C return vent. The service agent helped guide me to relocating the sensor and I haven't had any trouble since. I would recommend the Protect America home security system to anyone that wants an inexpensive and affordable way to protect their home every night.



This company is a rip off


Watch out for Protect America. They are impossible to cancel service. They claim you have to write a letter 60 days before your renewal. Then they clain not to get your letter, then when you send another, they tell you it will be cancelled in 11 months. They never called the right number for my alarm. I wanted them to call my cell phone and they always called my home phone first. If you do get them to finally cancel the service they will not return your money. I upgraded for free to Vivint. It's a better system, the people are polite, they call to check in with you every month.

Albuquerque, NM


Feel secure while home and away.


The General Electric "Protect America" security system is a self installation package.  All door and window alarm components are secured with self adhesive devices making the installation a snap.  The system is tied to a call center and must be connected to a regular telephone jack.  All security prompts are audible and easy to understand.  It also comes with two keyless entry remotes creating an effortless method of arming and disarming the system.  The only cost is the monthly fee.  We go South for the Winter months and leave our house unoccupied and have never had a security problem.

Redmond, OR


Protect America Security System

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