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Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Pillow Protector

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Sleep tight, these won't let the bed bugs bite.


We had a case of bed bugs a while back so I went and bought the mattress covers and pillow covers.  I believe between these and the chemicals that were used, the bed bugs were eliminated.  We haven't seen any since.


Cincinnati, OH


Not thrilled with this pillow cover


Everyone in my house is allergic to something.  For me it's dust mites.  The kids both have asthma.  I bought these so I wouldn't have to wash the actual pillows every week like I had been doing.  First off I have to say these little buggers were really pricey.  Also, they make noise when you move on them because of the plastic inside (that keep the moisture off the pillow and mites or bes bugs from going in or out).  I'm not a light sleeper but that constant crinkle sound every time I moved just bothered me and I couldn't sleep on it.  It also made the kids uncomfortable and they didn't care for them either.  We did find another brand that works better for us and was much more reasonable in price.  I'd say though that I'd take the crinkle pillow covers over any kind of allergen or bug that might be creeping around.  Evidently there is a bed bug epidemic now too (I heard on the news - have never seen one) so for someone who isn't bothered by the noise or the feel, this might be a good thing for them.  The rest of us... not so much.


Jacksonville, FL


Great for people with alleries and bed bug problems


The protect-a-bed aller zip waterproof pilliw cover is pretty much an over all good buy, It not only keeps the bed bugs out and away but it also is great for people with allergies, and its an easy slip on cover thats acually water proof witch is great for people like me who like to eat and drink in the bed the only downfall to it is when your trying to go to sleep if your a mover the constant crackling will tend to keep you up longer than you hoped, and when you wake up in the morning your hair is always has static


Warner Robins, GA


Liked it


I have been through all the allegy covers for mattresses and pillows you can imagine.  I am severly allergic to dust mites.  I like this cover.  So far I have experienced no breathing problems.  The only thing I don't like is the fact that the fabric gets caught in the zipper sometimes. 


Orchard Park, NY


I love the Protect-a-bed pillow protector.


   I love the Protect-a Bed AllerZip waterproof bed bug proof Pillow Protector. (I don't like the long name.) However, they work nicely. Foster children come to us with all kinds of critters such as bed bugs and head lice. Many of them still wet the bed. The pillow protector comes in handy for easy clean-up and I don't have to constantly keep washing the pillows. Recently, I tried a new hair die. I washed and rinsed thoroughly twice but the dye would not come out. Finally after the third washing I felt content the die would not bleed onto my clothes. I went to bed with my hair still slightly damp and the next morning I noticed the dye had stained the pillow case. Thankfully, I had a pillow protector on my new down pillow and my pillow had not been stained. I use them on all of our pillows.


North Judson, IN


sleep beter knowing that you are protected


The Allerzip Waterproof Pillow Protector is a well thought-out design. I use them all the time. They are waterproof and easy to maintain. They keep your pillows looking new at all times. They are very comfortable to sleep on without any cracking sounds when you move around adjusting your positions. Made of a high quality fabric that is resistant to any fluids and even seepage if the user has night sweats. The stitching is well done as well. It is tightly sewn to disallow any fluids from penetratng to ruin your pillows. It is hypoallergenic in design for those with allergies so they can sleep with their total comfort. The zipper and sewn line creates an unpenetrable barrier disallowing any unwanted pests or infestations to infiltrate and create any problems. To clean these, just remove the pillow and place in your clothes washing machine and just run them through a normal cycle. I will forever keep purchasing these for all the pilows in my home and strongly recommend these to all my friends and family.


Erlanger, KY


protect-a-bed keeps the dust mite out and bed bugs too.


If you suffer from allergies then the protect-a-bed allerzip waterproof bed bug proof pillow protector is for you, When you travel and stay over in a hotel or friends home you will rest asured that your pillow will be free of bugs and mites. And if you are an allergy sufferer then you will breathe better while you sleep with your own pillow from home. Just wash in hot water and dry in the dryer and you are ready to go, Easy to care for and fast.


Saint Paul, MN


Not worth the money


This product seems like a dream come true for allergy sufferers.  Keep those pesky critters away from you and help relieve your symptoms.  While it may mildy accomplish this, it makes teh pillow less of a fluffy soft cushion, and more like a slippery eel.    Once you put this over your pillow and then attempt to cover it with a normal pillowcase you will see what I mean.  Imagine if you will, you are covered from head to toe in tanning oil and then try to slide on a slip and slide.  This may help you imagine how the pillow must feel in the case.    Come morning the pillow is never in the pillowcase, it is usually under our heads, but the cases lie on teh floor or at our feet.  I am not sure what kind of adventures the go through in order to reach that position, but never the less, there they are, my lovely cases resigned to sit alone on teh cold floor while my hair sticks straight up from the static of the pillow protector.   If you want a good laugh when you wake up, go for it, if not, buy allergy free pillows to start with!


Winder, GA


Sleeping soundly knowing I'm completely protected.


We previously bought the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Pillow Protector after we bought the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Mattress Protector.  Most bedding protectors are noisy like a diaper, but not this brand.  We sleep much soundly knowing that we're protected from anything that might be in the bedding, as well as knowing we're protecting our investments.   I feel ok with the dog jumping on the bed, since it will keep out all dust, dander, and the possible flea!!  It can be a little on the expensive side, but its absolutely worth the money. 


Houston, TX


This pillow protector helps with allergies!


I recently purchased these Protect-A-Bed pillow protectors for my children.  First of all I wanted to pillow protector for my 2 year old daughter who we are potty training.  I was just looking for a basic pillow protector so that if she had an accident in her bed she wouldn't get her pillow wet.  As I was looking online at my options I came across this one.  I liked that it was waterproof.  On top of that I love that it could help my 5 year old son with his allergies.  So we tried this one.  The terry cloth cover is nice because it doesn't make that loud crinkly nose that the inexpensive ones we've tried in the past make.  My son seems to be less congested when he wakes up in the morning now.  It's comforting to think that bed bugs and dust mites are not crawling all over their pillows now!  Keeps the bugs out, keeps the pillow dry if there is an accident in bed, and helps with allergies!  Nice product! 


Escanaba, MI


Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Pillow Protector

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