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Promiseb Topical Cream (perscription)

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My miracle in a tube


Ok...so a little about me (well...my skin anyways).  I have the weirdest skin ever.  Most of my face has normal skin. But..other parts, like around the outer edges of my eyes and around my nose are super sensitive to everything: the weather, touching, putting on makeup, and creams too.  I cant even blow my nose without getting dry skin for a few days.  For the past two years I was using a cream that only made my skin slightly better (the dry parts), but ended up making the rest of my skin kind of greasy after I put it on.  This past month I went back to my dermatologist and he told me about a new cream to use and gave me a sample to try right away.  I was amazed.  Promiseb is a topical cream that is meant to treat Seborrheic Dermatitis (otherwise known as flaky skin).  The first day I saw results and it has only gotten better...plus the cream absorbs pretty quickly into the skin and helps on contact...even when I have makeup on.From the Promiseb website: 1. Promiseb Cream showed efficacy in reducing key symptoms like redness, itching, and scaling as soon as day 14 and helping to prevent relapse. 2. Promiseb Cream can be used with no restrictions on age, duration of use, or application on the face or areas with skin folds. 3. In a clinical study, most patients liked the cosmetic properties of Promiseb Cream It is only available by prescription, so you need to see your doctor if you have dry, flaky or red skin and want to try promiseb. *Final thoughts:*  This is definitely not for everyone (of course, everyone doesnt have dry and flaky skin)...but if you do, it works great!

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Promiseb Topical Cream (perscription)

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