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ProForm Whirlwind Dual Action Upright Stationary Bike

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Proform Whirlwind Dual Action Bike - Too noisy & inconvenient


I found this exercise bike to be an overall disappointment. There were so many features I didn't like about it, that I went out and bought a new one. It is very noisy--for two reasons: the fan and the ball bearings. It doesn't have magnetic resistance, which is basically a very quiet feature; this bike has a giant fan that looks like a wheel. When you pedal, the fan blows in the opposite direction and if you try to pedal faster, not only does it become more difficult, but the fan makes a LOT of noise. If you want to watch TV or talk on the phone while doing a vigirous workout on this bike, forget it. You won't be able to hear much. It's quite dangerous because if something is going on, you most likely won't know. I looked up reviews of this bike on other sites, and most people had this problem as well, as you pedal, the ball bearings make noise that sounds like pots banging together. I don't quite recall if this happened with I initially started using it, but it's happening now. There is a display that shows your speed, duration, calories and fat calories burned, distance and pulse (if you put your thumb on the pulse button). The problem is, there are only two screens; the time and distance is on one screen and everything else is on the second. It shows each item one at a time and there is no way to make the screen show what you want it to show. The displays change automatically approximately every 10 seconds or so. I found this to be very inconvient. And of course, the calories and fat calories burned isn't accurate, but I don't think many exercise equipment gets it right anyway. The main feature of this bike is that the arm handles move, so you get a workout with your arms as you pedal. This doesn't really do anything because it isn't as though you can spot-train any part of your body. I suppose the arm handles just helps you burn extra calories, but I don't think it does much. There is another handle bar across the front that doesn't move so you can put your hands there. The major thing that I dislike about this bike is the "resistance". As I said, it uses a fan which is supposed to be resistance in the workout. But there is no way to control it. If you try to go faster than 10-13 mph, the resistance is a nuisance and that is when the gets really loud. I recommend that everyone stay away from this bike, and in fact, possibly all air resistance bikes. Go for one with magnetic resistance.

Jamaica, NY


ProForm Whirlwind Dual Action Upright Stationary Bike

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