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ProForm 8.5 Personal Fitness Trainer

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The Proform 8.5 Personal Fitness Trainer saves trips to the gym.


The Proform 8.5 Personal Fitness Trainer is a great treadmill to use at home.  Proform give out the option to have a mechanic come to your home to assemble for an extra fee, but my boyfriend assembled my treadmill for me.  It was relatively easy to put together.  It took us over one hour to assemble.  Once it was ready, I was able to use the display to set my workout.  There are large speed and incline buttons to manually set those controls.  There are also preset workout cards that fit into a slot on the display, hence, the "personal trainer."  You can plug in an MP3 which will play through speakers on the treadmill, and there is a fan.  Of course, the display is not like the commercial grade treadmills at the gym, but the Proform Personal Fitness Trainer is surprisingly full of features.  This machine is LOUD, so if you have a basement, it is better to use it there, otherwise, you'll disturb anyone in the room below.  This Proform treadmill is very sturdy and durable and should last for years.  I recommend this for those who prefer to work out at home. 

Jamaica, NY


ProForm 8.5 Personal Fitness Trainer

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