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ProForm 450 Ur

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Lasted for one year


I bought this bike Spring of 2012 to use when it is too hot to exercise outdoors. It has a bright screen that is easy to read and you can check things like distance, speed, time. The heart monitor was never even close to correct. It was often off by 10-15 BPM. I used the bike pretty much everyday anywhere from 15-40 minutes. By the 4th month the ability to make it harder to pedal was gone. I had purchased the one-year repair warranty and a tech came out and fixed the band that is in the machine. The repair lasted for about 2 weeks and then the same problem occurred. Another tech came out, fixed it, and then a few weeks later it was broken again. The bike is still usable since I can pedal it, but it stays on the lowest resistance. Also, the seat is VERY uncomfortable. That thing is rock hard! I know I have a bony butt, but jeesh. I put foam over the seat and that made it a little better. Performance when it works it is a very good bike. Comfort The seat is way too hard. Ease of Use It is easy to figure out and use. Durability See above comments.



ProForm 450 Ur

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