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ProForm 350 Treadmill

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Great Buy


My family bought this treadmill 3 years ago. We were not sure what kind of treadmill to buy, but this had good reviews and was a reasonable price. My husband and I had previously worked out in gyms, so we were spoiled by nicer and more expensive treadmills. We wanted a good treadmill that we would enjoy running on. This treadmill fit the bill perfectly. It is honestly almost as nice as any gym treadmill I have ever used. The whole family enjoys using it and the quality is very high. The fold up feature is great and simple to use. The holders for a cup and various other items is great. I also love that you can plug a kindle or iPod into the machine and listen to music. It sounds great and this is one of my favorite things about the treadmill. The fan is also nice, although it only helps a little. I usually put a normal fan on as I run. I would highly recommend this treadmill. Performance This machine is performing as well as the day we bought it. Comfort This is very comfortable to run on, plenty of run, and a lot of shock absorption. Ease of Use The treadmill is super easy to use. I occasionally have a hard time lowering the treadmill when it is folded. Durability The treadmill is extremely durable and we are pleased with how long this will last. Design Great design, everything is very well thought out.




go weaight loss!


I was always someone who wanted an exercise equipment in my home. It's not that i didn't have enough room to get it, or anything like that, i was just scared that i'd become like everyone else that i know who has a home gym. They eventually get tired of it. I didn't wnat to spend so much money on something that in a ocuple of months i would just get tired of doing the same thing, and let it collect dust. Or even worse, like what happened to my friend, its now where she hangs her clothes after she irons them. So one day i decided id risk the chance of getting tired of my investment and i went out shopping for treadmills. Me and my boyfriend went to every store imaginable and compared prices and tested out just about every machine or treadmill that particular store had. I particularly in every single store was always not only drawn to the bowflex machines, but they indeed attracted me the most and it is ultimately what i purchased. I could not have been happier.


Springfield, NJ


It is terrrrific!


The Life fitness proform 350 is a great piece of exercising equiptment. By running a 30-minute cardio program i am able to tone my abdominals, thighs, and calfs. My blood pressure has also gone down as a result of this treadmill. The treadmill makes running fun and easy. The only fitness equiptment I use now. It has several different cappabilities to it with speeds ranging from .1 to 10. By using this machine I have been able to run further and faster. I find I am more active and energetic. It burns a ton of calories. So it whips you into shape. The only minor setback is if its overused the treadmill may skip in which case you need to call the 800 number and send some one over to fix it. Other than that the proform treadmill is a superb piece of exercising technology that anyone really can take advantage of. I am endorsing this product 100 percent it is great. In my opionion everyone should have one, so BUY IT!


West Yarmouth, MA


NordicTrack gets you back.... in shape.


My Nordic Track treadmill is a quality item.  i bought it about 6 years ago and never had a problem that required maintenance. The display of time and calories burned are easy to read. the treadmill options of incline provide the resistence that everyone needs to prepare for outdoor running. During bad weather days, this is very important.  when the running season is upon us, then I am ready to run.  staying in running shape is important.  I hate to loose my endurance over the cold and wet months.  With a Nordic Track treadmill, I don't have to worry about that. Just type in your weight, and start at any speed you wish.  I suggest that you gradually increase the speed during your workout.  So that in less than a month you will be running at a speed that is competitive for your age and weight. As the days turn into weeks and turn into months, you will see an improved cardiovascular workout that will help you in your daily life.  


Ladera Ranch, CA


very good


thais is in our opinion is the best treadmill available in market today. the proform 350 utilizes a powerful 2.25 THP motor. this is more powerful than many of its competitors and delivers more than enough power  to keep you in good shape. the proform 350 incorporates a power incline control. this feature allows you to electronically change the degree of slope up or down through out your work out from the control panel. simulate running uphill  and add both challenge and variety to your excersice session. the prosoft impact absorption system employed on the profprm 250 reduces impact on our joints up to 15% as compared to running on the road. with this supreme absorption system, you can enjoy the perfect combination of comfort and joint protection. the proform 350 is equipped with a thunb plus sensor grip. these built-in precision sensors allows you to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rate, the facility allows you to stay with in your optimum training zoneand ultimately to burn more fat.


Boyds, MD


I love this treadmill!


Bought this treadmill to replace another that we had had for over 10 years. This one is great, There are plenty of pre programmed workouts, that really get your heartrate going!  I haven't gotten to the point where I am ready for those yet, so I can control my own workout. The incline is great, and is really helping me to get my butt in shape.  It runs pretty quietly, and I feel safe and secure on the belt, even when running.  Great treadmill.


Delaware, OH


the reebok proform 350 is an amazing machine!


I love this treadmil! I can set it for 5k training, 10k training, half marathon, full marathon and much, much more! This treadmill has an incline of up to number 10. So i can set the program to mountain climbing at a compfortable speed for me, and hike away! While listening to my i-pod. Reebok proform 350 comes with a great sounding speaker system that will blow your ears away. For someone who loves to be phisically active or wants to begin a new active life style this is the treadmill for you. Working out with the reebok proform 350 is a breeze! Your workouts will fly by fast. Did I mention this treadmill also folds up for those tight spaces, or maybe you just want to put her away when having company. The reebok proform 350 also has a big lit up screen with led lighting for ez to see calories burned, minutes left as well as distance ran/walked. You cant go wrong with the reebok proform 350, the best bang for your buck!


Perris, CA


The proform 350 Treadmill is a great value for your money


The proform 350 is a pretty good treadmill for the everyday average runner for what you pay. It has no extra bells and whistles, but gets the job done. if you are looking to incline and decline throughout your workout, this is not for you. The treadmill has a manual incline, which would be a pain to get on and off to change the incline. However, I find it is perfect for continuous running at one level. I thought the spacesaver design would make it harder to run, and at first my foot skidded off often. I am not used to running on this model and have no problems. I've owned this for awhile now and I love it. It Tracks your distance and calories burned (by a compuation method). It does not have sensors to check your heart rate. It is a slide type speed increasse style> There are no buttons, you jsut slide the bar up for how fast you want to go. OVer all I think this machine has held up well and wasn't too expensive.


Lusby, MD


best value for money


It's great to find a treadmill at this price that actually works and doesn't break down after 3 months.  However again, this is the most basic of basic treadmills. See how many calories you're burning while working out. It's a handy feature to have as some people like tracking their workout progress this way.


Inkster, MI


ProForm 350 Treadmill

4.3 9