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ProForm 330 Crosswalk Treadmill

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The Proform 330x Treadmill is great, never gave me any problems!


I have had the Proform 330X treadmill for many many years(estimated 8 years).  I would say that it has outlived the life a treadmill would be expected to have.  It folds up for easy moving, but isn't made of flimsy materials.  It is very sturdy; you can run on it without feeling like it's going to fall apart under your feet.  I use it four to five times a week, 50 minutes each workout.  It keeps a rough count of how many calories you have burned and also has a heart rate monitor.  The speeds are right on, even after this many years.  It has nice side bars that you can hold onto while your walking if need be.  It has a timer on it to keep track of your workout time and also tells you how far you have walked/ran.  I've never had any problems with it; never had to replace parts or call in a repairman, thankfully!  I would highly reccomend the Proform 330X treadmill to my friends and family, anyone who is looking into purchasing a treadmill that will last them a long time.

Massena, NY


Now I have no excuse not to excercise


I bought the Proform 330 Crosswalk Treadmill in 2005.It has a power incline with start and stop digital speed.  It displays the time, speed, distance, fat calories  and pulse.  It gives the normal range of heart rate according to the age with aerobic max burnand fat burn.  It has two cup holders and a spacious area  for your book or magazine.  You can excercise your arms as well with flexion and extension movements.  It has non skid areas on both sides for resting or taking a break safely.  Mine is positioned in front of the tv so I can enjoy my time excercising more and I can excercise longer with the distraction.  I bought a mat to go underneath it to protect my carpet.  I like the simple display and easy adjustments.

Houston, TX


ProForm 330 Crosswalk Treadmill

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