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Professional Series Collezioni Deli Slicer

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Better investment than the cheaper one we bought


Our friends bought this model/unit after seeing the one we had (see my review) and realizing that it was too much plastic and not enough power for them. THIS model is much, much better. When time permits, we go over to their house and use theirs instead of taking ours out and being disappointed. While this unit does still have a lot of plastic parts, it's designed a lot better. The suction feet keep it from slipping/sliding. It appears to have a bigger blade. The movement of slicing is much smoother. My hands seem more protected. Adjustments are easier and a lot more accurate. We can slice meats and hard cheeses much cleaner and thinner with this model. If you have a lot of that to do, then it's worth the extra investment in the best slicer you can afford. Power Nothing's as good as the full metal ones at the deli counter, but this is more than adequate for home use. Safety Follow the directions! Ease of Assembly Easy to put together.



Collezioni an affordable basic meat/cheese slicer


For basic home kitchen use it would be hard to beat for the price. Safety Blade is well covered in parked position to keep it safely away from hands. Plastic guide fits plastic moulded channel to keep your hand where it should be during operation. Ease of Assembly While it IS easy to disassemble/assemble they do not cover it in their product materials. Center lock hub goes in reverse direction from normal and this should have been noted in materials. Easily removed with a quarter, perhaps nicer if they provided some small, washable device. I would fault them also for not indicating type of GREASE needed for center cog or what maintenance of that piece should be performed. Ease of Cleaning Blade is readily removed for cleaning . They should have included removal instructions in written materials. Durability Certainly not a "heavy duty" product but seems to be more than sufficient to the task of basic household slicing. I've been using it 2-3 times a week for a few months now and it seems to be holding together just fine.

Arlington, WA


Professional Series Collezioni Deli Slicer

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