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Profectiv Healthy Ends Daily End Strengthener & Deep Repair

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Deep Conditioning


This product is a great for at home treatment of dry, damaged hair and scalp. Effectiveness This product is extremely effective when used after shampooing. After shampooing if a generous helping of the product is applied to the scalp and then combed through with a wide tooth comb a shower cap placed over hair and you sit under a warm dryer for 10-15mins; you can expect exceptional results. After this process hair looks shinier, healthier and more glossy. This not only improves shine, it reduces breakage, strengthens hair, nourishes roots and stimulates growth. It does an exceptional job on both natural (ethnic) hair types as well as chemically treated locks which tend to require more care. It is slightly more expensive than other variations from is mother company but it does a good job Scent I found the scent acceptable as it is pleasant and not as strong as others and it leaves your hair with a faint lovely fragrance for a couple days after use.



Profectiv Deep Repair is amazing!


So I didn't expect that it would be some miracle working, hair growth product and it isn't. What it is - is realistically amazing. I mean I put it in my hair almost every night and put a cap over it and in the morning my hair is silky, easy to comb and there is almost never any strands of broken hair in my brush or comb. I think it's awesome!! P.S the smell is to die for. 

Lake Forest, IL


Repairs Split Ends


Profective Healthy Ends Daily End Strengthener & Deep Repair infuses strength to damaged ends, mending and bridging cracks that lead to split-ends. This split end repair helps with chemically treated hair. I am African American with chemical treated hair and I was looking for something to keep my split ends healthy in between trips to the hair shop. I usually flat iron my hair a lot and my split ends have been suffering due to the damage caused. After purchasing and using this product I notice that my split ends are a lot healthier. They aren't dry and brittle like they always used to be. This split end repair conditioner can be used every day and I use it every night as well as an overnight split end conditioner. This product also smells great, so you don't have to worry about using something that will make you stink when you go out. You can just put it on and style your hair as you usually would. I love this product and highly recommend it for anyone who wants healthy split ends.

Pittsburg, CA


Profectiv Healthy Ends Daily End Strengthener & Deep Repair

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