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Proderma Night Wear Eye Repair

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My eyes were swollen shut by morning


I'm developing little lines around my eyes that bother me a lot; so I purchased this cream that was highly recommended by the sales girl in the drug store.  It was a very expensive quite small jar containing .5 oz.    It was touted as skin care for active lift styles, and mine is certainly very active.  The label said it was intesifying moisurizing and conditioning cream.  The directions were to apply as needed at bedtime.  It also instructed that it could be used under make up.  It also said to keep it out of the eyes and keep out of the reach of children.  I applied a small quantity underneath my eyes before going to bed.  The next morning my eyes were almost swollen shut.  I had to soak them open, and I applied ice to them in an attempt to reduce the swelling.  I still went to work looking like I'd had a huge crying bout.  I was very embarrassed for people to see me.  I returned it to the drug store and asked for a refund.  They provided it with no hassle.

Charleston, WV


Proderma Night Wear Eye Repair

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