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Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex Oval 6-Quart Slow Cooker

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great and inexpensive!


I have now had my Proctor Silex six quart slow cooker for over two years and it still works great! It is one of my favorite appliances. My proctor silex six quart slow cooker is a huge help in feeding my large family affordable and good for them hot dinners without adding more stress to an already overworked mom. The proctor silex six quart slow cooker is the perfect size for a large family. I have plenty of room to make a meal for myself, my partner and my four kids, we usually even have leftovers for the next days lunch. The settings are so easy to use and self explanatory that even my fifteen year old and eleven year old have no problem using my proctor silex slow cooker. There are many great recipes out for slow cookers, it makes it so easy to just throw everything in there and turn it on and forget about, till dinner time, when yoiu have a perfectly cooked hot homemade meal with very little effort!


Hartfordt, MI


My Proctor Silex Slow Cooker is my favorite small applicance


Our Proctor Silex Oval Slow Cooker was a gift several years ago from my parents which has turned out to be one of our most useful gifts ever. The insert comes out for cleaning and is very easy to clean-nothing seems to stick to the sides or bottom of the insert. The Proctor Silex slow cooker really makes meal preparation easy. I love to use it for meals when we have guests coming as the meal can be hot and ready even thought prepared well ahead of time. I can put in a roast then go about doing other things with out having to keep an eye on it. Roasts always turn out moist and  delicious when made in our Proctor Silex Slow Cooker. I really like the keep warm setting too. Our slow cooker has seen much use over the years but is still working very well. This slow cooker is probably my handiest small appliance as I use it often for the convenience and for  how delicious  the food tastes when cooked in it.    


Rib Lake, WI


excellent crock pot


I really enjoyed my crockpot. It was very timesaving and convenient. i was able to have a completer meal made and didnt have to stand over a hot stove for hours and hours. I only had to use a few ingredients to make a excellent great meal. My family really enjoyed the breakfast casserole. The ingredients i use was eggs cheese milk salt and pepper and hasbrowns. I had made it for breakfast for thanksgiving . I  had to layer the ingriedents , first i had to put the hashbrowns, then i had to put the bellpepper then the cheese then i had to put a whole dozen of eggsi in it. I had to cook on low for 10-12 hours over night. We ended up ended eating at about 11 am thanksgiving morning. we all really enjoyed the breakfast casserole the only thing i really didnt like was that the casserole had to many potatoes but for someone who enjoys a lot of potatoes u would really enjoy. we all ate hours with a little bit of hot sauce on top and it was great we ended up eating the breakfast casserole all day and it definitely was worth it. the clean up was great it didnt take a lot to effort to clean it only took about 3 min to completely clean up the crockpot. i would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family and i would recomment that every busy mom or person buy one.


Columbia, SC


Good 6 Quart Slow Cooker


I enjoy using this slow cooker because when I am on the run with the children.  Rather it be soccer mom, P.T.S.O. mom for the week.  It is always reliable to come home to a home cooked or should I say slow home cooked meal.  It certainly beats fast food anything of the day or week for that matter.  The kids really enjoy having all the meals that I prepare and they actually do not mind going out for fast food either.  I refer to the slow cooker as a second pair of hands, really I do.  I really appreiate the upbring of my family life.  I now understand how my mom did all she did in cooking for us and still visiting our activities and being a parent of five children. We  also always had home cooked meals that were great.  Im a mother of three and I barely make it sometimes.  I am greatful for the slow cooker.  I think it should be called the great cooker though.... Thanks 


Shelbyville, KY


This crock pot is awesome! Set it, forget it, & dishwasher safe!


This crock pot was a gift at my baby shower... I thought to myself, "What does a crock pot have to do with becoming a mother?" Well, I soon found out! When my son arrived, I was a stay at home mom. I was cooking, cleaning, & taking care of an infant. It was MORE hectic than my previos full time job! I found myself preparing frozen meals, pizza, chicken nuggets, & sandwiches more often than not. Take out or delivery food was a substitution sometimes several times a week at one point! I There simply was not enough time in my day to cook after caring for my home & baby.Then, one day I came across the crock pot while cleaning. I took it out of the box (small booklet of recipes included) and decided to try one of the recipes. I threw potatoes, chicken, ranch dressing, and some spices in the crock opt in the morning, and by dinner time I had a great meal! There are TONS of cook books around with EVERYTHING crock pot in them from chicken to beef, to stews & veggies. Now, I frequently use the crock pot for full meals or additions.


New Britain, CT


Proctor Silex Oval 6-Quart Slow Cooker

4.0 5