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Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex Non-Stick Iron

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Basic iron.


My parents gave me their old Proctor Silex Iron when I moved out on my own. It is a very basic iron. I have used it on just about anything. It is great for thick curtains or simple shirts. It heats up very quickly and you can get your clothing looking neat and tidy in minutes. There really is not that much to say about this iron. You turn it on and iron whatever it is you need to iron. Warning, it does take a while to cool off, so watch your hands! For my very basic needs, this iron works perfectly fine. I recommend this Proctor Silex iron for those who just have basic ironing needs. Performance This does what an iron should do. Ease of Cleaning You can just wipe it off. Ease of Use Use it just like you do any iron. There is nothing fancy on this iron so it is very easy to use. Durability I have had this iron for many years. I do not use it that much though. It has never let me down though. Design This iron is nothing fancy. It is just your basic iron. If you want something that has all the bells and whistles, this is not the iron for you.




Ok for the price


This iron works okay for the price. It was relatively cheap, and I honestly do not use an iron all that often. When I have used it, it works okay. I do not like that it drips water a lot. It also tends to tip over easily. Performance It is difficult for me to get some wrinkles out, although that could be more operator error than anything! Because I do not need to iron all that often, I am afraid that I have not had much practice. Safety This iron is not very safe in that it tips over easily. This can be dangerous if you walk away for a few minutes while it is warming up, and it tips over. This has caused some of my clothes and my ironing pad to become burned. It is a fire hazard this way, and could even cause damage to children if not extremely careful. Ease of Use It is an iron - it is easy to use. It does not always get all of the wrinkles out very easily. It is also difficult to tell which settings should be used. The spray does not work very well, either.




I like it.


My husband just bought me this iron because our old one broke. We used to have a shark - very heavy. The first thing that I noticed was how light it was and easy on my hand. I iron everyday. The other thing that I liked was that it automatically steams the clothes a lot without the use of a button to steam. To me this makes ironing much easier.




Great light weight iron.


Light weight. Easy to use. Easy to clean. This iron has many settings. It also has team option. Performance This iron heats fast. It is also light weight. Safety This iron has a on & off switch. The handle stays cool. Ease of Cleaning I just have to use a damp cloth to clean after every use. Ease of Use Light weight Durability I have had mine for four years. I use it once a week.


Colorado Springs, CO


Proctor Silex Non-Stick Iron Okay for Light Duty


I bought this iron because it was lightweight and inexpensive - and that's what I got. It is okay for pressing light fabrics, but even on the highest setting it doesn't heat up enough to really get the wrinkles out of heavier items. It is lightweight and easy on the arm, but it's lack of weight also leads to it falling over/off the ironing board very easily. I also found that when using the steam settings, the water sloshes out all over the board when ironing - even when the tank is only half full. When filled to the line you have to dry your clothes after ironing them!! I plan to buy another iron and use this one as a pressing iron when I sew.


Austin, TX


Proctor Silex Non Stick Iron is excellent choice for sewing room


I sew in the lower level of my home. I needed a second iron so I could press as I sewed. I also needed it to be economical and safe. I wanted something light weight, that would steam and spray and was self cleaning. I desired an iron in which I could use tap water. I preferred that it have a non-stick soleplate. This one seemed to fit the bill on all accounts. I found after I got it that it came with a nice plastic container with a pour spout with which to fill it. Also, it has grooves which allow it to go around buttons. The shape of the soleplate is good in that it is quite pointed at the end. That allows me to press open seams in tight places. This iron has an automatic shut off. This makes it safe but it can also be annoying as often, when sewing, sometimes considerable time goes by between presses and the iron will shut off. That means I must wait for it to heat up again. Since it heats up fast, this isn't not too bad. Since I wanted a safe iron in case I got called away and forgot to shut it off, I put up with this little inconvenience. The cord is plenty long and flexible. It stands up well on my padded ironing board. This is just what I wanted in a second iron and it fit in my budget!!  What more can you ask?


Loudon, TN


The Proctor Silex iron is just very basic.


I purchased the Proctor Silex iron in college. I chose it because it was very affordable and I didn't really care about all of the available features of other, higher-quality irons. It does alright, but it's not a great iron. There is a reservoir for water to create steam, and of course there is a dial to select the various levels of heat, depending on the fabric to be ironed. However, the spray nozzle within the water reservoir, used to create the spray and steam functions, is not working. We believe that it has a water mineral clog. We are not able to use this feature of the iron at all now, and this is inconvenient, especially with tougher wrinkles that one might usually spray and steam. The nonstick bottom of the iron is a good feature to have, and I've never had trouble with any burned materials. Overall, this is the iron for you if you don't want anything fancy or any special features.


Fort Wayne, IN


Proctor Silex Non-Stick Iron

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