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Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex Morning Baker Waffle Maker

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I get perfect waffles every time I use this machine. Performance Great! Waffles cook evenly and thoroughly. Settings/Features The adjustable heat setting works great, sort of like the setting on a toaster. Lighter or darker waffles depending on what setting you use. However, the alarm that tells you your waffle is done is ANNOYING! Super loud so you don't want to make these while anyone in the house is still sleeping. If this had not been given to me for free (brand new) I would have taken it back. Ease of Cleaning It would be nice if the plates came out of the machine, however they are easy enough to wipe off with a rag and dish soap. Ease of Use Set the heat control, drop in your batter and wait for the tone. Noting easier. Durability All is well so far.. I have had this waffle iron for five of six years and nothing has broken even after multiple uses and moving trucks. I think I've even dropped it once or twice... Not much stick our beyond it's circular shape, so not much to break.



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**i use this product roughly once a week or more. i like how procter silex consistently provides great appliances at very down to earth and attractive prices, and this product is no exception. it's so easy to use, heats quickly , and cooks your waffles quickly and they come out looking very attractive and appetizing. it's a complete sinch to use and is nonstick, which i love. it cleans very easily and practically, which is a must for me when it comes to appliances you cannot throw in the dishwasher or submerge in liquid. i don't recall having any issues or complaints about this product. it cools down easily, latch has not got worn out , and still works great. i would definitely recommend this brand or product to anyone looking for reliable but cheap appliance.**

Irving, TX


Proctor Silex Morning Baker Waffle Maker

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