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2-Slice Toasters
Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

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Great toaster!


We use a toaster alot in this household and this one has been awesome! We have had for several years. I love the easy of toasting, I like my toast dark and my hubby likes his light, so we very quickly figured out the dial is simple and maintains the same toasting. A 2 is light and a 4-5 is dark for me. The toaster toasts fairly evenly across the bread or bagel or waffles. I use this on a weekly basis atleast once. We use it to do toast for BLT's and such and it will toast a whole loaf of bread exactly the same. As it gets warm it doesn't change the darkness of the toast. It doesn't take long to cool off, we store in our cupboard on a lazy susan. The tray comes out easily. My only disappointment is if you get a bagel that isnt' cut evenly, it's tough to get the bigger half out, same with thicker sliced bread-like italian bread. My kids dropped the toaster and I thought it was done for but it works just as good as it did the day I bought it. Also I love how easily the outside wipes down for cleaning of jelly or syrup from sticky kid fingers.

Clymer, PA


No frills, no whistles, toasts just fine though;)


I've been impressed with our proctor silex cool touch 2 slice toaster. It is easy to use and has lasted for years for a very reasonable price. Sometimes, it is hard to fit thicker bread pieces in it. Toasts evenly as long as the bread doesn't have pieces that stick out. Easy to clean. Leaks crumbs all over the place if I move it around without cleaning it first. Safety seems safe Ease of Cleaning I usually just hold it upside down and shake it over the trash can or sink to empty crumbs fast and then just wipe down with damp cloth. Durability There's not much to break to start with- its very simple and has lasted well. Design For the price, it is well designed.

Bandon, OR


Toaster that does the trick!


Overall, this tiny little toaster does a great job! I actually just used it about 30 seconds ago! There are no fancy features, but if you make something often, you'll get to know which level of toasting is best for the object. For example, I've been making a lot of pop tarts lately, and I know to turn it to just under level 2. Other things for other product. Overall, it is great, buy, buy, buy! Toasting Evenness Great! Safety Good! Ease of Cleaning Not that great, but doesn't really require cleaning. Durability Nothing bad has happened so far! Design Overall good!



I love this toaster!


Buy it! The toast comes out evenly toasted. You can't go wrong with this toaster. Toasting Evenness The toast always comes out right. Safety It is very safe to use. Ease of Cleaning It's a snap to clean. Durability I've had it for a few years and never had a problem. Design I love the design.

Ashford, AL


Great for all 6 of us


With a family of six this gets used a lot!! It works great, cool touch outside so my kids don't get hurt and has worked for years!! For the price when it does finally give out I will just buy the same thing over again!! Toasting Evenness Both sides of both sides come out very even!! Safety Cool touch outside and quick stop button make it great and safe!! Ease of Cleaning Crumb tray makes it very easy to clean, and quick wipe off sides. Durability Tried and tested has lasted years at our house with four kids abusing it. Design sleek white design

Vail, AZ


I use my Hamilton Beach 2 slice Toaster frequently and love it!


I purchased the Hamilton Beach 2 slice toaster as a replacement toaster. The other toaster was very old and quit heating up, so this replaced the toaster that was here in the rental home. This toaster was relatively inexpensive, and since it was white, it also matched my other counter-top kitchen appliances. The toaster quickly heats, and the first couple of uses were trial and error to see what setting was the best for our taste. IT does run hot, so we adjusted to a lower setting, and it has stayed that way ever since. The crumb catcher in the bottom can pop open if too full, so weekly cleaning is a must if you use daily. I have to hold the (cooled off) toaster over the sink or trash can to pop the bottom hatch for cleanout. After cleaning, you can simply snap the cover back into place and it will be ready for the next use. The slots on the toaster are big enough to fit a bagel (halved of course) and the toaster heats to perfection. I use ours very frequently and have no complaints!

Melba, ID


If you like your toast WELL done use this Hamilton Beach toaster


I was given the **Hamilton Beach 22203 2-Slice Toaster **as a present last year for Christmas.  I thought it was great the first five or so times I used the toaster.  After that the story goes downhill.  After about the tenth use I was unable to control how long the toast would remain in the Hamilton Beach toaster based on the basic number dial they have on the toaster to do such timing.  I would set it at the one setting and my toast could stay in there for over a minute and not even be toasted.  But set it on the two setting and after about 15 seconds my toast could be burnt on one side.  I once even tried it at the number five setting thinking maybe it was just a short or something on the lower end. I inserted the toast and and once it smelled toasted, about thirty seconds I pressed the red STOP button and my toast ejected, perfect. YAY, I thought.  I tried again the next morning only to find the same thirty seconds needed to be cut to twenty at setting five and that even then using the red stop button I had toast that was burnt on both sides.  All in all I do NOT reccomend this toaster.  I have since bought another hamilton beach toaster that works much nicer! But never again will I use the Hamilton Beach 22203 2-Slice Toaster.

Evansville, WI


Proctor Silex Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

4.3 7