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Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 8 Speed Blender 58130R


Features: Improved blending jar. Large 48 oz. jar. 375 Watt motor. Counter-stable jar base. Stainless steel blades. Easy-pour spout.

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very efficient, love making my smoothies in it!


I love using this blender! I make smoothies almost everyday, and it only takes a minute or two, with the measurements on there i just add the liquid then the fruit then it only takes a minute to blend! I would recommend this product to anyone Blending Power really quick and powerful! only takes a minute to make my smoothies Ease of Cleaning comes apart very easily for very easy cleaning. Ease of Use not complicated to use at all, very easy!



Reliable, Sturdy and Sufficient


This Proctor Silex blender has been a real workhorse for our active family of five over the long haul. It has been in use for us for quite some time and gets a lot of action. Our son uses it the most for his protein shakes and likes the way it works for that application. We use it for blending vegetables and shakes, smoothies and ice. It has two levels of speeds that you can use which makes it very versatile. I like the feature where you can turn the knob and it churns manually. This is good for when you are not sure how long something needs to be blending and you can regulate it by eye. The blender comes apart fairly easily for cleaning. You need to be careful when the blade is exposed, when washing that portion of the machine. The lid and carafe are easily cleaned . We are generally, very happy with this product and consider it powerful enough for our needs and a good value.

Trenton, NJ


Proctor Silex 8 Speed Blender 58130R

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