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Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 700 Watt 0.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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Tempermental works when it wants to.


This is one of the worst purchases I have every made. Sometimes when I set the timer, to heat food, the timer does not count down. The microwave runs but does not warm the food. I have to open and close the microwave repeatedly and hold the start button to get the microwave to heat food. This happens, probably 65% of the time. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Performance Sometime the timer does not count down and when this happens it does not warm the food. Settings/Features Features are great when they work. If all settings and features worked all the time it would be great for a small kitchen. Somtimes the timer does not count down and when it does not, it does not warm food. Ease of Cleaning Wipe down with warm soap and water. Has removable rotating tray that easily fits into a standard sink or dishwasher. The outside wipes clean easily with warm soap and water. Looks like new inside and out with regular cleaning, just wipe down, does not leave streaks when you wipe the outside. Ease of Use It would be very easy to use, if it wasn't for the constant issue with the timer not counting down and the fact that you have to repeatedly open and close and hold down the start button just to get it to perform the tasks that is selected. Durability Non-existant. 30 to 45 days after I purchased this microwave it began to get very tempermental. It works the first time only about 35% of the time. Design Does not perform all the time. Keypad is very self explanitory, however, it does not always heat the food. It looks great sitting on the counter with all my other appliances.

Saint Louis, MO


Happy with my purchase.


This little microwave does all I need it to do. It was what fit my small budget when I went looking a few months ago. I do not use it for any real "cooking", mostly just heating things up. It is a good size for an apt. It works fine and has a stylish looking appearance.

Homer, NY


The Proctor Silex 700 watt oven is one of the best!


This Proctor Silex is the best microwave I have ever had.  I purchased this microwave from Kmart because the early '90's model my parents passed on to my husband and I was finally going out.  We have a small 2-bedroom apartment with very limited counter space.  Our old one used to take up half of our small kitchen table, making it impossible to eat as a family-something that I missed out on as a kid due to different schedules.  I wanted something small enough to fit on our counter, with enough space between the top of the microwave and the bottom of the cupboard, so that I could use that as storage. There are 6 quick Cook buttons, like popcorn, beverage,baked potato (my favorite, you never have to guess), frozen dinner, pizza, and reheat.  One of the best functions ever on this microwave is the lock button.  I have a wild 3-yr old who is constantly getting into things.  I'm always catching him doing something that is a safety hazard.  By setting this lock button, I can rest assured that if he puts something metal in the microwave, he won't set the house on fire when I have my back turned.  He may be able to put something inside the microwave but he won't be able to turn it on.  Thank heavens for whoever came up with that when making this product.  It's one less thing I have to worry about when I have my arms full with a set of newborn twin boys who hopefully won't be following in his footsteps.

Abilene, TX


Proctor Silex 700 Watt 0.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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