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Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster Oven Broiler Model

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wish i gotten the black one instead


Bought the white version, and accidentally burnt one of the toast one one occasion, when i followed the suggested timing for toast on the oven. Unfortunately, the fumes from the burnt toast made the white exterior yellow with the exception of the area where the handle was. But once you get a hang of the temperature after a few more tries and close watching... it did manage to do it's job. The size was nice as well, can broil fish/ a piece of meat for a quick meal.



Not for the big jobs


When my electric range oven went out, I did not have the money to purchase a new one right away. So I leaned heavily on my little Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster oven broiler. I found out quickly that this toaster oven is not for big jobs on a egular basis. I had this toater oven doing what my conventional oven was suppose to do. And ity did burn out after a while. And several times when I touched the toaster oven while in bare feet, I could feel slight electric charges going through my fingers. This would be when my feet were slightly damp. This scared me. I did not want to get electrocuted so after a few "shocks" I made sure to always wear tennis shoes and socks when using the toaster oven. I made toast in it, cooked tv dinners, baked potatoes, warmed food and I believe my toaster oven held up well under the abuse I was giving it.

Roanoke, VA


Great Little Oven


This is a very attractive little toaster oven. It holds 4 slices of bread or 2 little personal pizzas. This is just the size that me and my husband needs. I read reviews on this oven before I bought it and started not to buy it because reviews said it was too small, but I'm glad I did buy it.. It's small and that's what I was looking for. I don't have much counterspace in my kitchen, so that's just what I needed. It comes with a bake pan and a rack. It has a crumb tray for easy clean up. This oven is little, but powerful. There's a 15 minute timer. It cooks a little fast, but we just adjusted our time and now we get perfect cheese or cinnamon toast. I like the fact that I can put butter on my bread before toasting, which I couldn't do in the toaster. I don't like turning on the coventional oven because it makes the kitchen too hot. Perfect for 2 people. I recommend it proudly.

Las Vegas, NV


Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster Oven Broiler Model

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