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2-Slice Toasters
Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster

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Proctor Silex 2 slice toaster - not bad for the price


I usually buy inexpensive toasters because I use them frequently, and when they break I don't feel like I've lost too much money. This Proctor Silex 2 slice toaster fits the bill - it's cheap, does a decent job, and lasts about 3 years with my family of three's 6 pieces of toast a day. The slots are wide enough for all types of pre-sliced bread, but not for bagels, even the smaller store brands, and especially not for the larger sized bagels from a bakery. English muffins get burnt edges when the centers are still not completely toasted. The bottom tray slides out easily for dumping the crumbs, but some of them still get caught in the heating elements and are hard to clean out. (Always unplug the toaster before you clean the heating elements to avoid getting an electric shock.) The major negative comments I have are about the settings and the timer. It seems that even though I always keep it on the same setting - it clicks into place so there's supposedly no slipping to darker or lighter toast - from day to day the results vary significantly. The other problem is the timer; after the first two pieces of toast, you have to let it cool down completely before toasting any more bread, or else it pops up the toast too soon.

Chesapeake, VA


A simple to use toaster


The Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 2-slice Toaster is an easy to use inexpensive toaster that lasts a long time. My husband bought the toaster over 10 years ago and it still works fine but I prefer to use the oven/toaster instead of the 2-slice toaster. My husband and I use the toaster oven because you can bake, toast, broil, and warm up food whereas the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 2-slice Toaster only toasts bread. When we have guests that stay overnight we take out the Proctor Silex 2-slice Toaster to toast bread for breakfast. This is an inexpensive, no-frills toaster that is long-lasting. I would recommend buying the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 2-slice Toaster if you make a lot of toast for breakfast!

Honolulu, HI


Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster

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