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2-Slice Toasters
Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster

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Dependable toaster for the right price.


Very good toaster for the money. Easy to clean. It dose not take up a lot of room on the counter. Toasting Evenness Both sides heat evenly for both toast and bagels. Ease of Cleaning easy to clean. Bottom opens up to dump crumbs. Durability I have had mine for two years. Design Large enough slots for bagels.

Colorado Springs, CO


Awesome Procter Silex Toaster!


This Procter Silex toaster is a great buy! It's inexpensive and works great. It's sleek and black and looks nice in my kitchen. We have a toaster cover, but I never use it because I like the look of our toaster on our kitchen counter. This toaster has never given us any problems! It doesn't pop the toast up so high that it flies out of the toaster, which is a definite plus, and it hasn't had any glitches for the years that we've had. I know many people who have to replace their toaster every few years because it just shorts out or breaks down. But I can guarantee that this won't happen with this toaster. We use it constantly and it has never had any trouble! Plus, it even has a crumb tray that you can pull out at the bottom to empty out all of the inevitable crumbs that will fall to the bottom of the toaster. I recommend this toaster to anyone!

Eugene, OR


Procter Silex Toaster Model # 22456


I only need a small toaster for my family so this one was perfect for my needs! Very dependable and energy efficient. I have never had burnt toast since first purchasing it over 3 years ago slightly used! Very affordable appliance ( as I priced a new model to be sure) that is easy to clean as well. I feel this toaster has met all my expectations so far and expect to have use of it for quite a few more years! I recommend it for small family only. They come in standard white & also in black.

Pawtucket, RI


Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster

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