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Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 12-Cup Simply Coffee Coffeemaker

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Awesome Coffee Maker


I absolutely love the Proctor Silex 12-Cup Simply Coffee Maker, the coffee machine has a twelve cup capacity which is wonderful if your like me and want to drink a ton of coffee. Plus, I also have a very big family of coffee drinkers making this an ideal coffee maker when they come to visit me. This coffee maker is very easy to disassemble when cleaning so you can keep up maintenance for keep your coffee smelling and tasting great. The machine keeps coffee at a nice hot temperature without burning the coffee which is so important when consuming coffee. The machine runs fairly quiet too so I can run the coffee maker whilst other members of the household sleep. I use this coffee machine a few times a day and have not seen any noticeable wear and tear on it, it practically looks and runs brand new since the day I brought it home.


Winchester, VA


The best cheap coffee pot I've ever had is Simply Perfect.


If you are looking for a coffee pot that is under twenty bucks, keeps the coffee just the right temperature, brews quickly and won't shut its own power off for your "convenience," then this is your coffee pot. Standard full sized "12 cup" coffee pot. Water resovour in back. You'll probably want to use a water jug to fill it, since the coffee pot is designed to pour well when it's pouring slowly and tends to get water all over if you try to pour as quickly as I do when I'm just filling the water tank for tomorrow's brew. The drip-stop on the filter container is very well made-- it's probably the sturdiest example I've seen, even on coffee pots that are a lot more expensive. The filter container has two parts to make it easier to clean-- if you're of a mind to use one of those gold-plated wire filters so there's no plastic wicking up the coffee's oils, every one I've seen will fit in this just fine. The looks are pretty standard, not ugly; the top is flat and sturdy enough to hold a coffee cup or two if you're filling for several people. I would highly suggest this for any case when you just want a simple, cheap coffee pot-- offices, shared lounges, etc.


Tacoma, WA


Proctor Silex 12-Cup Simply Coffee Coffeemaker

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