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ProZyme Powder for Dogs (1 lb.)

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Good poopies


That is what I say to my dog now. Before I started Prozyme my dog had chronically loose stools. She's had them since she was a puppy, so they were her "normal." When she contracted Giardia, and two rounds of medications failed to clear up the problem I did research and found that Prozyme has been used to effectively treat Giardisis. I decided to try it. During the treatment her poops were GORGEOUS! I didn't need to get out the hose immediately after she went out. Because the treatment worked so well I decided to add it to her food....it's been over 3 months and not one loose stool. I've even started giving it to my cat who has digestive issues as well. Since he's been receiving it he hasn't vomited. This product is a godsend! Between hosing down the patio and picking up the cat vomit, I was ready to become an animal free household. Now, if there were a similar product to get 13 year olds to stop being so messy I'd be one happy momma!

Elk Grove, CA


This stuff is like a miracle in a bottle.


     I have been searching high and low for the cause of constant loose stool in my great pyrenees puppy, now 7 months old. I have switched his dog food numerous times, thinking maybe he had an allergy. I have had him to the vet. The vet put him on an antibiotic, thinking he had a bout of colitis. I have had numerous stool samples done, checking for worms and other parasites. They have all come up negative, meaning parasite free. I've also tried things such as canned pumpkin and slippery elm bark. Nothing has seemed to help!       Recently, I came across PROZYME at my local pet store. I quickly came home and began researching the product. I found it is a plant-derived enzyme powder which is to be mixed in with your pets food. It can aid in problems such as allergies, skin and coat problems, digestion, among many other things.       After my research, I decided to go ahead and try a bottle. I began giving my dog about half the dose suggested, as it states to begin using it slowly, and work up to the suggested amount. After just a day I had noticed a difference in his stool. He also did not have to go out as often. It's now been quite some time, and we have yet to see a bout of diarrhea. His coat also seems alot more shiny. This product is truly amazing.

Milwaukee, WI


ProZyme Powder for Dogs (1 lb.)

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