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ProSpirit Yoga Mat w/Carrying Strap

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not worth the money


I chose this yoga mat when I was first starting to take a few yoga classes. I purchased it because of the convenient carrying strap and that it was kinda of middle of the road in price. It wasn't the cheapest on the shelf nor was it the most expensive, a safe bet for when I was just starting out. This mat worked ok for the first few sets of exercise classes I took because the mat work was minimal but when I started to progress into more serious yoga classes I learned the truth about this mat. It is very slippery if you sweat the least little bit (which you hopefully will if exercising). The mat also began breaking apart at the edges, I would find small bits of the mat on my hands, feet and surrounding floor when my workout was complete.

South Portland, ME


What a mat is supposed to be


I'm writing this review to respond to the critique that this mat is too thin. It is not. This mat does what it supposed to do. I've been doing yoga for a long, long time - before it was the chic thing to do. A yoga mat isn't meant to cushion the feel of the floor. It is there to help you get traction without slipping when your feet and hands get sweaty. The fact that it may offer a bit more comfort is tangential. Indeed, many yoga buffs dislike thicker mats because they enjoy the solid feel of the floor. If you're doing some of the more challenging poses, the ones that require a great amount of balance, the last thing you want is to be on an unsteady surface. Think about it - would you do a handstand on your bed? No, you'd fall right off! This mat does the job and does it at half the price of other mats. Yes, other mats might have pretty prints, or have designer names, but that's not what yoga is about and the commercialization of it off-putting to me. One of the other reviewers is spot on. This mat is made of the same material as the more expensive mats and works just as well. Beginners might think that it is too thin, but that's how they are supposed to be. Otherwise, we'd just use to thick foam pads as yoga mats.

Brooklyn, NY


Makes situps doable!


I'll admit, I don't do yoga. But, I do like to do situps. Unfortunately, I have what some would call a "bony butt" - my tailbone sticks out just slightly more than the rest of the planets', I guess. It's not noticeable or anything, but it does make doing situps on the floor painful. That is, until I got this yoga mat. It is very thick and gives me just the right cushion so that I can do my situps anywhere, without fear of making my tailbone sore.  The carrying strap also means that the mat rolls up and stores nicely. The strap is elastic, so you don't have to worry about being able to roll the mat up just as perfectly as the manufacturer can. As long as you can just roll it up a reasonable amount, you should have no trouble getting the strap on. The one downside is that if you leave the strap on for a long time, as it is elastic, it will start cutting into the mat. Leaving the mat out of the strap for a while will lessen this effect and the mat will regain it's intended shape.

Herndon, VA


best mat ever


 I got this mat as a gift.  Compared to other mats i have seen and used this is by far one of the best mats out there.  This mat is ideal for anyone whether you use it for yoga, strenghth training , stretching or for basic aerobics.  This mat is soft and light weight.  The mat is like foam soft and much thicker than other mats i have seen out there.  You could use this mat on concrete and you wouldnt even feel like your on concrete, it is reletively thick but not too thick that it is bulky and hard to carry.  Other mats ive seen are less than i centimeter thick, this mat is like 1 inch thick.  The handles also make it very easy to carry around.  The lenghth on the mat is very good too.  The mat is long enough for anyone to use.  Me and my boyfriend were both able to do stretches on the mat and not have trouble fitting on it together.  We both had room and was not faling off the matt.  Over all this is a top quality mat for not a lot of money.  Ive seen it sold in stores for as little as twenty bucks.  When compared to other compeititor mats this mat is the best bang for your buck.

Centereach, NY


A great product with no difference from the "name brand"


I found myself in target looking for a new yoga mat and starting at a blue prospirit (target brand) yoga mat and a blye reebok yoga mat.  I looked at them both upclose, felt the texture of the padding, read the descriptions of the length, etc. and could not find a single difference aside from some freebies, like and exercise DVD that reebok threw in.  Yet for some reason the prospirit mat was half the price.  I bought the pro-spirit mat and love it.  I have it set up on a carpet floor and it is the perfect combination of softness and stability.  If it had any mroe cushion i would be afraid that it would not allow me to balance well enough for some of my poses and if it had any less cushion I think my elbows would hurt when I hold some of the plank positions that I use for core training.  I would not change a think about the mat.  I have not had any trouble cleaning it and have found that febreeze works great inbetween washings.

Travelers Rest, SC


I might as well be sitting on the hard floor.


Like everyone else on the planet, I want to eat whatever I want and not exercise.  Well, that doesn't work out very well when you are trying to lose baby weight.  Knowing I need to come out of my dream world, I went out and purchased a yoga mat.  Not knowing a thing about exercise, let alone yoga, I bought the cheapest mat I could find.  The **ProSpirit Yoga Mat w/Carrying Strap **was inexpensive and bright orange.  At least I knew I couldn't forget about it.  The bright, eye-catching color is blinding and would instantly remind me to use it.  So, I lay the mat on the floor (I have hard wood floors), and popped in an exercise DVD.  I sat on my new, fancy yoga mat and thought I was sitting on the floor.  I look beneath me and sure enough, I am sitting on my yoga mat!  The yoga mat is paper thin and totally useless. Had I knew anything about yoga mats when I purchased mine, I would have realized I need something a lot thicker if I want to get comfy.  The tag says that the measurements are: 68" x 24" x 1/8".  An eighth of an inch thick! **The Scoop!** The **ProSpirit Yoga Mat w/Carrying Case **is completely useless.  I might as well bring my door mat to the living room and use that!  Learn from my mistake, don't buy a yoga mat that is 1/8" thick. 

Camp Lejeune, NC


ProSpirit Yoga Mat w/Carrying Strap

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