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775 EKG
ProForm Treadmill

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Good substtute for rainy day


**Pro-Form 775 EKG Treadmill is a prime example of "you get what you pay for". This treadmill started off great but issues started to reveal themselve the more I used the treadmil. The assembly was easy. First, the band is constantly moving to the right side of the treadmill and causing a burnt rubber smell. Next, overtime and use the band begins to slip at higher speeds like 8 miles per hour. I am afraid to go any higher after almost getting throw off at speeds past 8 miles per hour, thank god for the safety clip. The safety clip key is a great idea and I highly recommend using it at all time to prevent any injury. Despite my issues with the Pro Form 775 EKG, when the weather is bad, this treadmill does the job of giving me a nice run (for the burnt rubber smell have frebreeze handy)I feel tired especially when I can adjust the incline from 1 to 10. I feel the Pro Form 775 EKG treadmill would be a good treadmill once the bugs are work out.**

Hebron, MD


Pro Form 770 EKG - is the best purchase I've made


A few years back I decided to buy the Pro Form 770 EKG treadmill and since then I've experienced a slimmer body and toned up my quads and hamstring and glute area. And I can monitor my heart activity while I run which I thought was a neat feature

Buffalo, NY


It's like running on air


We bought this treadmill off of Craig's List because I have an elliptical machine that has too long of stride for my wife to use it, so she wanted a treadmill.  It was two years old when we got it and we have had it about 4 months now. It's wonderfully made.  Everything feels very solid and very well built for a "mid-level home treadmill".  I took some time to run on it a few times to compare it to the workout that I get on my elliptical.  I have to say, it is a little more impact, but wow...running on that treadmill is almost like running on air! The variety of programs it offers is pretty much average and the motor power and incline abilities are also average for the price range this thing falls into.  It's real wow factor is how nice it is to run on. It also has a lot of the bells and whistles you expect from this price range including safety key for shut off that clips to you.  Two huge cup holders, one on each side, are handy as well as a lip/edge for resting a book or some other reading material. I expect we'll get a lot of use from this and it won't become the stereotypical coat hanger.

Gardendale, AL


ProForm Treadmill

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