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XP 550e
ProForm Treadmill

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ProForm xp 550e is reliable, durable & easy to use-does its job!


I purchased my ProForm xp 550e because I wanted to lose weight. I had started walking outside but when the weather got bad I would miss my exercise for the day. I researched for a few weeks and spoke to several fitness instructors and everyone told me the same thing - ProForm is a good product, its worth the money and does exactly what you need it to do. Its a very good quality and has enough features and programs to help anyone get a productive work-out. It's shox feature is easy on the feet, knees and back. The fan has 3 levels which work great. The incline feature is a great thing to manually adjust your work-out, or if you want, you can choose one of the 6 different programs already loaded for you. Its also very easy to use. My 68 year old mother has vascular problems with her legs and was advise by the doctor to walk. Because of other health issues, walking outside is not a good option. Now she gets on the treadmill every day which helps her circulation and her overall health. She is able to pull down the treadmill bed and also put it back up when she's done. Now that I have this treadmill, I never miss a work-out!  And because of the ease and simplicity of this treadmill, my mom doesn't either.

Bloomfield, NJ


ProForm Treadmill

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