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465 S
ProForm Elliptical Trainer

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You get what you pay for with this elliptical


We bought this elliptical last year after I found out that my lower back was broken and the doctor cleared me for using an elliptical machine to exercise.  We went with this Proform 465S because of it's small size and that it was cost effective.  Lots of things have gone wrong with this elliptical.  The tension knob no longer works correctly, which means that we now have to take this thing apart to repair it.  The pedals are narrow and I feel like my feet are slipping off the sides alot (I'm a size 10 womens shoe). The bolts have had to be tightened a few times because of how creaky it is.  It makes quite a bit of noise during use which is not what I expected.  It does have wheels on the front legs to move it easier, which is a nice feature.  I do also like that it works your arms as well as your legs, but that the arms of the machine are difficult to grasp and reach.  I am short and my husband is tall, and we both equally have problems with the reach of the arms on this thing. There is no water bottle holder or pulse monitor on this...which would be a nice feature to have.  The electronic display is nice but very basic counting calories and fat burned, time and distance. Overall, I think if we had to do it again I'd have spent a little more for better quality.

Lawrenceville, GA


ProForm Elliptical Trainer

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