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ProForm Crosswalk 415 Treadmill

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I set it up it did not work the place that I bought it from would not honor the warranty

Clarksville tn


Love it!


I love my ProForm Crosswalk. I've had it nearly two years. I actually purchased it used for my dog to burn off some of his pent up energy. By holding his leash with him on it, he learned to walk and stay on it in less than a week . I am 5'1" tall & he is a Shitz Tsu. We can both fit on it at the same time, but it is a tight fit with him walking behind me. The ProForm Crosswalk has a safety latch, so you can fold it up to move it or vacuum the floor underneath it. I love that the speed is adjustable in 0.1 mph increments. It has ten buttons, each already programmed at 1, 2, etc mph up to 10 mph to easily set your speed. It has two preset calorie burn programs already in the machine and a button you hold your thumb on to check your heart rate. I also love the moveable arm levers which enable you to work your biceps and triceps, along with increasing your cardiac workout, endurance, and calorie burn while walking. We use the ProForm Crosswalk twice a day 6-7 days per week for a walking program and have had no problems with it.



Fantastic value and versatility


I love, love, love this treadmill. Initially, my husband and I bought it so I could get through the long winter months without going crazy (I'm a stay-at-home mom who used to love to walk).  I would hop on the treadmill, put on a podcast, and walk for an hour.  Sometimes I'd raise the incline, sometimes I'd use the resistance bars, but mostly I'd walk, and if I never did anything but walk on it I would have been as glad as I am today. One day, I thought I might try to jog for a bit. Living in an old house with bouncy floors, I thought it might be too much for the house to handle, but it absorbed the shock surprisingly well--even when my 225-lb husband started running on it.  The beauty of a treadmill is that I could set a time limit easily--jog for 2 minutes, walk for 1, then jog for 3 minutes, and so on.  Two years later, I run 10ks and use the treadmill for warming up and speedwork.  It has been incredibly durable, as we've run on it at least twice a week, and sometimes five days a week, for the last two years with absolutely no problem at all. The resistance bars are a nice touch, and the programmed workouts are great for beginning runners, but if you're looking for a good value on a treadmill that inclines and will last, look no further.

South Bend, IN


Terriffic Treadmill !


My Treamill is the cross walk 415 and I have had it for 4 months and love it, It has 6 different workouts on it and inclines own it's own as you are doing your walking  or running on it. I walk on my tradmill 3 to 4 times a week for about 40 minutes. It has a saftey string on it that attachs to you so that if you fall off of the treadmill the machine stops . I like most of all is the built in diffrent workouts I watch TV and pick a workout and before I know it I am done !

Jesup, GA


The Pro-Form Treadmill Exerciser is very easy to use


I have had my Pro-Form treadmill for a month now and I am really enjoying it.  I have no troble using this product every day and increasing my time on it at a weekly pace.  It has crosswalk arms so I also get a workout for my arms while I am walking.  This just adds to the amount of exercise I am getting.  I would reccommend the Pro-Form to my family and friends. 

henderson, NV


ProForm Crosswalk 415 Treadmill

4.0 5