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ProForm 995 SEL

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The Proform 995 SEL delivers an intense cardio workout!


I have been using my Proform 995 SEL for about 6 years now. It has been very reliable and sturdy for all of those years. The adjustable shock absorbing tread deck is one of my favorite features! It really seems to help reduce the strain on your feet and ankles. The personal trainer programs are a nice feature as well. I did find that, in the beginning ,it was quite hard to keep up with those though. There is also a feature called iFit that allows you to connect the treadmill to your computer or home stereo and play a CD that gives you an interactive workout.You can also log into the iFit website and choose from programs to work out to. I tried this a couple of times and found it fun at first, but the appeal faded. I believe this was mostly because of the time it took to hook-up and/or log-on. I just want to get on and go! Another attractive feature ,especially if you are short on space, is that the treadmill folds up and has wheels to move it. Just a little annoying is the fact that, occasionally ,you may have to adjust the treadbelt by hand if becomes loose and slips. But this is needed very rarely, and it is easy to do following the instructions in the user's manual and the included tool. In conclusion, I find that the Proform 995 SEL does what it is intended to do...gives you an enjoyable, heart-pumping workout!

Stanfield, NC


ProForm 995 SEL

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