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ProForm 735C Treadmill

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ProForm 735C is a very durable treadmill.


The ProForm 735C is a great treadmill.  It comes with programs already installed and also is equiped with iFit, which is a program that is tailored to you specifically and can get off the internet.  It goes from very slow to very fast in a matter of seconds and also inclines and declines quickly.  This treadmill also is a fold up style treadmill so it will leave you some space in your home.  It also comes with wheels on it to help you move it along.  It has the heart sensors and also tells you how many calories you've burned and the fat calories as well.  This treadmill also comes with a feature that shows you how far you've gone and have left to go out of a mile.  It lights up and goes around in a circle until you've reached a mile and then starts back over.  I found that feature to be very helpful when I was tired of walking but I could see if I do just a little bit more I can finish that last mile.  The only bad thing I have to say about this treadmill is that it was a bit heavy but other than that it is a great treadmill.

San Diego, CA


ProForm 735C Treadmill

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