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ProForm 680 Trainer Treadmill

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ProForm helps me keep my FORM!


I recently purchased this treadmill as a replacement to an older NordiTrac treadmill that I will critique in a moment but, to stay on target, this particular treadmill is an excellent choice for those that are interested in REAL changes at a more appropriate price. Performance I love the performance of the ProForm. It has an excellent response time to incline and decline, speed variances and cool down modes. I also love the Gillian Micheals inserts that it comes with that encourage and motivate you to do a bit more. There is also a convenient fan built in right at my chest and neck level that really helps when I get going and start sweating. Comfort The fan is my first accessory for my comfort. The platform is second and is easy to walk/run upon. It does't seem to hurt my shins or my feet so I am happy. Ease of Use User friendly and easy to adjust while running. The buttons are large so, while running, I can change what I need as I need it without hitting other buttons. Durability So far, so good. I havent' had it long enough to guage the durability but I am hoping for a long life as I did with previous treadmills. Design I do wish it had a different layout to the inclines and speeds to where I didn't have to reach over and up to make a change but I have adjusted.


Whitewright, TX


The Proform 680 LT Treadmill has everything I neeed to be motiva


I bought the Proform 680LT Treadmill about 4 months ago and I love it.  It's so convenient and easy to use that I have no excuse for not using it.  I really like the fact that it folds because it doesn't take up the whole area when I am not using it and I use my MP3 player all the time because I just have to plug it into the machine which has decent speakers.  It also has the ability to use the I-Fit cards if you are the type that is more motivated by a voice walking you through different level programs. A demo card came with the treadmill and I used it but I haven't purchased any additional cards yet.  The machine has so many pre-programed workouts already which is nice to be able to switch the work outs so I don't get bored with the same thing all the time. I also like that the fam has 3 levels and it works great.  The only negative thing I can say is that the belt will shift to one side when doing a fairly vigorous workout.  There is an adjustment that you can use to help with this problem.


Pittston, PA


How I love my ProForm!


After ending my membership with a local gym (and their AWESOME equipment) I went through quite a bit of equipment in my home, but only one has stayed.  I purchased my ProForm XP 680 Crosstrainer in September and I love it!  It has the shock absorber springs and a great range of vertical height, not to mention many pre-programmed workouts (varying from endurance to calorie burning to a specific pound a week you'd like to lose!).  Most of the pre-programmed workouts are too intense for myself, but my husband likes them and can keep up with them. You can also choose many colors on your display (red, blue, green, purple) and there are different display options that you can pick from (miles gone, calories, a track that charts your progress around it --- but no countdown which is what I like).  The handles under the display has the little heart monitor, which is often hard to get going while you're moving.  The only negative thing I have to say about this treadmill is that I wish the built in fan was able to be repositioned.  I am only 5'2" and the fan hits the top of my head when it is on, which doesn't do me much good when I'm sweating about a foot lower LOL!


Princeton, IN


Proform 680 is a great treadmill for running.


Proform 680 Trainer was an excellent treadmill when I got it.  I have had it for almost 7 years and it is still running excellent.  You can run, walk, jog on it and the shock absorbancy makes it easy on your knees and ankles.  With 10 different programs, every exercise is fun and it really pushes you.  It's not such a quiet treadmill, but it's well worth the money spent on it, especially since it has lasted this long.  One of the better features on it is the emergency pull because if you feel short of breath or just cannot run anymore, or get intense pain in a part of your body, you can pull the emergency switch and everything stops and you can get right off of the treadmill with out getting hurt.  Another good feature is the cup holders and the magazine/book rack because when you get thirsty you can just grab your drink and you can read while running/walking which keeps you busy.  Storing the treadmill is also very nice because it folds very easily.  You can just fold it and put it in a closet or against the wall and it won't take up a lot of room.


North Branford, CT


ProForm 680 Trainer Treadmill

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