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ProForm 580 SI Treadmill

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Great addition to your home gym


I have owned this treadmill for about five years now. This model is at a lower price point than most; however, you really get a lot for what you pay for. There are ten speeds (mph) and a ten inch grade adjustment when you really want to rev up your workout. I am able to monitor my mileage, how many calories burned, and heart rate with all the information right in front of me during my run. If you are like me, and don't like going to a gym, this is a great substitute. You will not go broke buying this piece of equipment, yet it will last you for years to come. This is a very durable machine. I cannot vouch for heavy weight, as I am not of a heavy weight. From my experience, though, I think it would be able to withstand up to 225 lbs. For the person looking to adapt to an exercise routine that is easy to follow and stay with, a treadmill like this is a great option. You can track your progress and see how far you've come by all the information that this machine gives you. Performance I have never had any issues with this treadmill. Comfort Not extremely padded on the belt, but not any harder than running on the street. Just make sure you are wearing good running shoes. Ease of Use Plug it in and go. Can't get easier. Durability I have owned this machine for about five years, and have not been the gentlest with it, yet have had zero problems. Design Space-saver ability. A little heavy, but I am a mid range weight female, and able to move it around easily.




The Proform 580 si is so simple to use and is very effective.


I was a bit skeptical when I purchased this and everyone had told me I would use it right to start with and then get bored with it. However, I love it. I put it right in my den, as it folds up and is out of the way until I want to use it! I put my TV remote in the cup holder and I find I use it way more than I had thought I would. I easily work out on it about 5-7 times a week instead of my original plan of 3-5 times a week! The power incline really can give me a quick workout when my time is limited, but otherwise I just put a good show on the TV and walk/run until the show/shows are over. I got my moneys' worth buying the Proform 580 si and would definitely buy one of their newer models again!


Evergreen, NC


ProForm 580 SI Treadmill

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