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ProForm 385 Treadmill

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Proform 385 is a workhorse, basic treadmill


My Proform 385 treadmill is a dozen years old and one of the brand's older models, but it still performs like a workhorse. It is motorized and folds up for easy storage, but has a manual, rather than automatic incline. Still, I can easily adjust it to an incline just by jumping off for a couple of seconds. Speeds range up to 10 mph, but I average around 4 mph and do power walking. It has a safety clip that stops the treadmill if it gets pulled out - a great feature to prevent injury if you should trip up (which, thankfully, has never happened to me!). The Proform 385 also has a time/distance display and a display for calories and fat calories burned. Though it lacks some of the bells and whistles of newer models (heart rate monitor, fan and programmable workouts), it's longevity and dependibility can't be beat. I've been planning to upgrade my treadmill but can't justify it while this one is still working so great every single day. One thing is for sure, when it is time to upgrade, I'll be going for the Proform brand all the way. I've moved multiple times with this treadmill and it's been stored everywhere from the garage to the basement and now lives on a screened-in porch where I get great views during my daily walks. All that moving and changes in climate have never affected the motor or any parts. It still looks great and works well.  

Woodbine, NJ


ProForm 385 Treadmill

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