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ProForm 330 Elliptical

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An inexpensive elliptical that gives you bang for your buck


The Proform 330 Elliptical trainer is a worthy purchuse for the cost-conscious consumer. I have owned this piece of equipment for nearly two years and my husband and I both use it regularly. We are active people, but neither one of us is petite and this piece of exercise equipment has proven to be sturdy. Because you can choose from a variety of pre-programmed workouts or design your own you can choose the level of challenge you wish to get from your workout and alter your workouts as you grow stronger and build endurance. To enhance your upper body workout handles provide an arm resistance workout. If this is not desired or preferred hands can be placed on stationary handles that additionally allow for monitoring of heart rate. One drawback that I can honestly give regarding this piece of equipment is that it makes creaking noises at times when it is used at high rates of speed and high levels of resistance. While a bit disturbing these noises do not seem to relate to any kind of equipment failure. Additionally this piece of equipment cannot be used with a reverse pedalling motion as it damages the resistance belt.  For me and my household the Proform 300 was a worthwhile purchase contributing greatly to our health and well-being.


Sebring, FL


ProForm 330 Elliptical

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