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I buy this product again and again every single month


So I received a sample and am actually doing a 28-day challenge and so far I'm very pleased with both the dry and the wet food I'm get the kind that's called Focus which is design for spayed and neutered cats it's designed to manage fat metabolism and two of my cats that I know are spayed and neutered I really loving it

Toledo Ohio


I went through horrible experience that I have never thought of.


This product just terrifies me. I have two cats and they were very healthy (just took to the vet prior to feeding this food). I was feeding other food, but I ran out of the usual food, so I gave them Purina Pro Plan. One of my cats smelled this food and refused to eat. Other one ate this food. The one that ate this food started throwing up everywhere multiple times a day! I only fed her twice (I feed them three times a day). It was not hairball or anything else. I went through what came out of her mouth (eww, I know) and there was no hairball. I quickly stop feeding her Pro Plan, but my cat was visibly sick. She did not stop throwing up for few days. I fed her hand made food for few days and she finally became better. If you read the consumer reports of this food, you will probably feel the same way as I do. I really really liked Cat Chow (which I mix with other good food), but I am not feeding my cats Purina food anymore. It was just not for us.

Lawrence, KS


Thank goodness for Pro Plan!


My husband and I have two Bengal cats; one male and one female. When we got them the vet gave us some suggestions and advice regarding the types/brands of food we should be giving them. Our little female is so picky with what she eats. After trying multiple foods with her, she finally settled on Science Diet. Recently, they changed the formula of her favorite flavor and she will no longer eat it. We were quite upset, nervous we weren't going to find something else that she would like. After choosing about 6 different foods (brands and flavors) to try with her, we realized how much she loves Pro Plan! She scarfed it down and seems to like it even more than her previous choice; Science Diet. It is great to see her run to her dish along with her brother during meal times. My husband and I are very pleased with the nutirtional make up of it as well. We even mentioned it to our family vet and she definitely approves!

Phillipsburg, NJ


My cat is more healty


My cat is very picky and spoiled.  He has to have some "cereal in his bowl in the morning, along with a half-can of wet food and then the same routine in the evening."  His old brand was making him sick.  My vet said it was because it was like eating McDonalds every night and was too rich.  My neighbor at my RV vacation spot recommended pro plan.  Ever since then he has not had stomach troubles and has more spunk

Bellevue, NE


Great premium cat food! Worth the price!


I bought this cat food at our local pet supermarket.  It was a little expensive, but we had received instruction from our veterinarian to switch to a better food for our senior adult cat, who was having weekly hairballs.  So we selected the senior brand with hairball control.  When we first introduced our cat to this food, he did not hesitate in diving in and eating it, to our happiness!  We actually had to start portioning out the amount of food we gave him because he loved it so much.  Within a couple weeks, we did notice the amount of hairballs that he was having to pass uncomfortably was reduced significantly.  We had tried pastes and treats to help him with this, but nothing really worked.  This food did a great job in helping us with this!  It was also much easier to get our cat to eat this food than it was to try to get him to eat some weird looking gel or paste.  Also beneficial was knowing that the nutritional content of this was top-notch!

Franklin, TN


My cats are my children and they LOVE Pro Paln.


I have 2 cats of my own - my children - Donny and Bella and I also foster cats and kittens.  That is actually how I became a cat parent - by fostering.  I quickly became a "foster failure" as it broke my heart to put Donny and Bella in a crate every wekk for potential adoption.  So now I have about 8 additional cats that I am truly fostering and I find that they all do very well on Pro Plan and all have the shiniest fur and caots.

Baltimore, MD


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