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Pro Plan
Pro Plan Performance Dog Food

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Pro Plan Performance is well balanced


We have a long hair golden retriever and she has allergies to specific ingredients in most dry dog food. Whe have had her on Pro Plan Performance for 2 years and have not had a single problem with her allergies. She is allergic to corn and we can get this product without corn. She loves eating this food and that makes us happy.

Wilmington, NC


I highly recommend Pro Plan Performance Dog Food


I feed and highly recommend Pro Plan Performance dog food.  I have been feeding Pro Plan Performance dog food for many years and have raised 5 generations of Saint Bernards on it.  It is very high in Protien and nutrients.  It give dogs that I am currently showing the added nutrition that they need in the show ring.  Their skin is healthy and their coats or beautiful.  It helps give my dogs the extra energy that they need to cope with the stress of the show ring.  Their coats are healthy and very very shiny.  I have also found that they blow their coats less on Purina Pro Plan.  It is great for pregnant dogs and for weening puppies.  It is also great for maintaining weight on very active dogs and dogs that compete in performance events.  My dogs compete not only in conformation events, but also in weight pull competitions.  Purina Pro Plan Performance helps to give them the energy that they need to compete and win in weight pull.  I highly recommend it!

Youngstown, OH


Pro Plan Performance Dog Food

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