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Pro Pet Hairball Eliminator

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This product really works!


Cat hairballs are just about one of the worst things you can step on in the middle of the night. My cat used to cough up a hairball at least once or twice per month. It was awful. Inevitably, I would step on one in my bare feet in the middle of the night. Pro Pet Hairball Eliminator was recommended to me by the veterinarian and it has worked like a charm. I give my cat a small amount of the gel one per week and it has greatly reduced the number of hairballs that my cat produces. The cat seems to like the flavor of this product and also seems far more comfortable and content now that he is not coughing up hairballs a couple of times per week. The only suggestion I have for this product is to perhaps have different flavors that could be rotated over time. I imagine the appeal of the gel to the cat could be lost over a period of time. A variety of gel flavors could help the cat to remain interested in consuming the product.




Pro Pet Hairball Eliminator

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