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Pringles - Pecan Pie Flavor

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I would not buy them again.


I tried this flavor because I had a coupon and it made each can of Pringles .81 cents. When I opened the can to try them, I was very disappointed that I wasted .81 cents on this product. I hated the flavor and wished that I had only purchased the other holdiay flavor, which was cinnamon sugar, which I actually really enjoyed. When I had my mother try this flavor, however, she really enjoyed it. Perhaps it is just my taste buds, but I would definitely not recommend this flavor to anyone because it simply did not taste right to be on a chip. Again, perhaps I would have felt differently if I actually enjoyed Pecan Pie to begin with. I do not like this type of pie, but I was simply being adventurous trying this flavor. Therefore, if you are the type of person who enjoys Pecan Pie, then perhaps you would enjoy this flavor. I, sadly, did not and will not be buying this type of chip ever again.



Pringles - Pecan Pie Flavor

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