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Princess House
Princess House Stainless Steel Cleaner

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i would like to buy this product again


I use this product when I wash the pan

Beatriz RI


This stuff does wonders on stainless steel appliances


We built and moved into a new home about a year ago, and we have got all stainless steel appliances. We also have two kids with messy fingers and two dogs who slobber a lot, and this stainless steel cleaner keeps our appliances looking brand new. It is easy to use, gets rid of smudges quickly.



Keeps my stainless steel cookware looking brand New.


When my mom spent Buco bucks on her new Princess House cookware she bought some of this as well. **Princess House Stainless Steel Cleaner**. The **Princess House Stainless Steel Cleaner** comes in either a liquid of a powder form. I have the powder. My mom bought our Princess House about three maybe even four years ago. She had never even used the **Princess House Stainless Steel Cleaner**. I know this because when we moved I found the still shrink wrapped container and stuck in with My princess house pots and pans, LOL. I used it for the very first time the other day. Last week I bought my very own set of Stainless Steel Princess House non-stick cookware. Being brand new it just Gleams, I have to admit, it gets me a little excited, LOL. I was comparing them to the pots and pans I previously had and noticed the older ones had a slight tarnish to them. No bueno I said to myself. So I went and found my **Princess House Stainless Steel Cleaner** and tried it out for the very first time. It amazed me. My slightly tarnished older princess house pots and pans look Brand NEW! Again! They really look incredible. It is really easy to use. First you clean your pot or pan with your regular dish soap. After you finish that you sprinkle a little of the **Princess House Stainless Steel Cleaner Powder** onto the stainless steel surface, rub it in a circular motion. Starting off with small circles and gradually increasing in size. You can practically seen the luster, sheen and shine emerge from underneath that ugly tarnishing layer. Rinse AND wipe it off and wa la! Perfectly, sparkling, gleaming, beautiful, shiny stainless steel. Looking good as new and practically unused! There is a warning on the container not to mix it with other cleaners. and it can be eye irritant. When I used it I didn't notice any eye irritation, or any kind of fumes what so ever.

Center of the Earth, CA


Princess House Stainless Steel Cleaner

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