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Princess House
Princess House 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware

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Small, Shallow, Cheap made


I have used PH SS Nonstick for years bought this skillet to replace a older one. I was shocked when I opened the box.. Not even close to the quality of PH I am used to buying. So dissappointed


dot fr ks


Great quality!


My wonderful momma bought a set of these that she ended up giving to me. Yay me! I love this set. It's so decorative, and the quality is just amazing. We have had ours for.........probably around three years. Maybe closer to four. I'll say four years. And they still don't have any burn spots on the bottom. Not that I'm the one who loves to torch my dishes, but my boyfriend has blackened all my other pots and pans. Those brands being Faberware, and T-Fal mostly. I thin the Faberware are blackened the most. But not my Princess House! I tried to look and see about how much she paid but I can't seem to find a price. From what I hear it's not cheap though. She's always buying things like this and just giving them away, she loves to spend money. Haha, must be nice. If you need a good high quality cookware set, I would recommend one of these sets if you don't mind spending the money. You do get what you pay for in my experience with this brand though. Great durability and a timeless, classical look.


Center of the Earth, CA


Better than any Salad Master around.


I have the Princess House 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware and wouldn't have anything else. I have almost every piece available. The clean up is easy and they are so easy to cook in. The half daisy design makes my cookware look even nice at the church potlucks. This cookware is the envy of my family. I have some of them hooked on the cookware. This is the only cookware I will ever buy I will not buy anything else.


Clanton, AL


I Love This Cookware!!!!!


This cookware is professional-quality.  It resists rust and corrosion, has heat endruance, has heat tempered glass lids, and the 18/10 stainless steel provides an even heat distribution to prevent hot spots.  It can be used on the stovetop, in ovens, in broilers, and is diswasher safe.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty.  I also use mine to can in.  With the outrageous gas prices, you can save money on electric bill because you only need to use med-low heat when using the cookware.  It also retains heat so that your second helping is just as warm as the first.  


Woodlawn, VA


Princess House 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware

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