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Prince Victory Table Tennis Table- Green


Enjoy hours of fun with the Victory table tennis table

Playability and design come together with the Prince Victory Table Tennis Table. The full-size table measures 5- by 9-feet for competitive, fast-paced table tennis matches. The table rolls smoothly on lockable casters for easy repositioning. Move it out of the way in between matches, or roll it out for the whole family to enjoy.

The Victory table tennis table folds easily for playback and storage.

Also available in blue and black

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Good For Game Rooms


The Prince Victory Green Tennis Table is a fantastic addition to any game room or man cave. This table features all the bells and whistles you need to play table tennis (ping pong). The table itself is the standard length, and width and is made out of very durable material. There have been times when my buddies and I got pretty into a game and would get a little rough during it. The table holds up. The surface of the table is made out of a matte finish that is pretty standard on all well made tennis tables. The table as a whole, while durable is very light weight and is easy to move around. The legs underneath are made of light hollow steel that easily folds up so you can store your table when it is not being used. Also what comes with this table are two paddles, a couple of ping pong balls, and of course the net. Overall I can't really find any drawbacks to this. If you enjoy table tennis, this is a good set to add to your home.



Great Game table for Parties Good Exercise Too!


I bought this ping pong table second hand from our local Goodwill Shop. I was not sure if I really wanted one as they are big and take up a lot of space and was not sure if anyone really would use it either. However, I was wrong. It is much too big for in our house although it folds up for storage. I keep it in the basement and it is great for when you have grandchildren or friends over. They use it all the time. You would not think that you would get much exercise playing ping pong, but you do. You would be surprised at the exercise you get moving back and forth and stretching to hit the ball with the paddle. It is very well made and a fun game as well. It can fold in half for storage when you are not going to use it. When the weather is cold outside or rainy you can go in the basement and play it and burn some calories while you are doing it as well. I recommend it if you have the space for one. Kids and adults will all enjoy playing ping pong.

New Egypt, NJ


Prince Victory Table Tennis Table- Green

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