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Prince Lionheart
Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock

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Great stuffed toy hammock


We bought this for our daughter's stuffed animal collection. It was very easy to install and came with all the hardware needed. It was the best of both worlds our daughter gets to keep her plushies out and on display and I get to have them picked up off of her bed. I would say she has well over 40 full size plushies in this hammock and there is still room for more. Cleaning up her room after a day of playing with her stuffed friends is a breeze. Well worth the investment.


Tampa, FL


Prince Lionheart hammock helps with the clutter


I don't know any kid who doesn't have about a bajillion stuffed animals. People are constantly giving them as gifts. It gets out of hand. The Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock helps to get the stuffed animals off the floor and out of the way. Especially the ones that your little one doesn't play with very often. I had one of these hammocks as a child and I am so glad they still make them for me to use with my children today. The Prince Lionheart hammock is a generous size and will hold large and small animals. It is also very affordable. I would recommend this item to anyone who wants to keep their child's room a little less cluttered, but not necessarily get ride of sentimental plush gifts. My daughter loves her stuffed animals and she doesn't mind having them hanging up, although she does sleep with about 20 of them as well. You can even hang the hammocks in a play room at a lower level so kids can put the animals in and out themselves.


Cincinnati, OH


toy hammock


great idea .we do not have any toys on the ground to break our leggs .when positioned rigt, it is very easy to get toys down and play. we have it in children's bedroom in the corner and occasionally we swing our baby in. it is great fun for everybody.when we have somebody over it is very easy to put all the toys up,so they are not in the way.that way we have all the room to play around and not bump into strange objects.it is very easy for our grandmother to pick up toys from the hammock,because she doesn't have to bend over and her back is not hurting any more.while cleaning our rooms ,we do like to play hammockhoop with a little sponge ball,that way it is fun to clean and it keeps us occupied and not to get into any troubles.the other day our cat "troubles" made a bed in it with the toys on top of her.we didnt know about it ,until the hammock started to swing and it scarred us and the "troubles" too.


West Jordan, UT


Prince Lionheart Jumbo is a very wonderful item


I received my Prince Lionheart Jumbo hammock half a year ago and love it. It holds all of my daughter's toys and is very sturdy. I would recommend this item to any parent that has a child with alot of stuff animals. It comes in handy. My child probably has over 50 stuffed animals in hers right now in which the hammock is holding up very well. You can put way more on there then what she has. The material the hammock is made out of is very strong. I can tell it will last a very long time. Even with my younger kids trying to hang on it, it's still holding up very well. The price is very reasonable as well. I have looked up other hammocks out there and they were alot more then this Prince Lionheart Jumbo hammock and were alot smaller too. So the price is very reasonable if you are on a budget and a great deal also. This is an excellent choice for an alternative storage option. It looks great in the corner of the room as well. It's a great way to keep stuffed animals and whatever else you want to put on it.


Pueblo, CO


Clutter free with Prince Lionheart toy hammock


We bought this for my daughter who could not bear to give up her beloved stuff animals. Finally a low cost solution to clutter! She was able to put over 30 stuff animals in it! We actually saw her bed for the first time in a year!!! Of course the only negative is that once the toys are in the hammock they tend not to get used again.


Schaumburg, IL


Lionheart hammock review


although these toy hammocks have been around forever, this one doesnt seem to be any different then the ones of the past. i find them useless myself, but some people like them because they keep clutter off the floor. they are good for keeping expensive toys off the floor that maybeyou wouldnt want an animal to get a hold of or a child ruin but all in all i myself dont like these hammocks. i think that small children should not really be able to get their hands on the item, or that it should not be pl;aced to close to cribs for the simple fact that it could easily get tangled around the childs neck and cause trauma or even strangulation. when my children were small we had this item in their bedroom and i myself found it more of a pain in the butt then anything. especially when my kids learned on their own when the got big enough how to get the stuffed animals out of it, but werent big enought o put the iitems back.


Philadelphia, PA


Prince Lionheart Toy Hammock gets the job done!


The Prince Lionheart toy hammock is a great addition to a room to solve stuffed animal storage issues. It held many stuffed animals without taking up floor space or falling. It's not as costly as another toy box and it doesn't take up much room, but I wouldn't advise putting a toy up that is used often because once they are up there it's hard to get them down.


Fpo, AP


Jumbo toy hammock is wonderful!


The Jumbo toy hammock is wonderful. I got one for my grandson last year on his first birthday and it is great. It holds a termendous amount of his stuffed toys. I will certainly buy another one for my other grandson this year.


West Palm Beach, FL


Jumbo Toy Hammock is a great storage option


This Jumbo Toy Hammock is such a great way to store small to medium sized toys. Such as stuffed animals or small toys that are only used a few times a month or year. The jumbo toy hammock has many great opportunities to remove debris or clutter off of the floor and clear up the area fairly quick with this hammock option. The hammock also provides a capability of identifying and seeing what is currently in the toy hammock with a quick look or glance into the see through mesh netting. The hammock is very easy to setup in a kids room or toy room. We placed our toy hammock in our son and daughters room, in the corner area. This allowed them to still keep many of their stuffed animals and still not clutter the area. Overall, this toy hammock is very nice to have, inexpensive and helps keep the room organized.


Norfolk, NE


Prince Lionheart Hammock is perfect for stuffed animals


When my first son was born it seemed like everyone gave him a stuffed animal as a gift. There were soon too many to just put in the corner. I bought this to hang in his room over his bed. Installation was very simple. The hammock holds a lot of stuffed animals and I have not had any problems with it streching out. It is now in my other son's room holding more stuffed animals he recieved. I like that I can just toss the stuffed animals in and they stay up there.


Lawton, OK


Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock

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