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Prince Fusion Elite Table Tennis Table - Black


Fusion table tennis table for fun, competitive play Playability and design come together with the Prince Fusion Table Tennis Table . The full-size table measures 5- by 9-feet for competitive, fast-paced table tennis matches. The dark playfield is divided with white 3/4 inch lines for serving and doubles play. A 2 inch metal apron runs the perimeter of the table and features the Prince Fusion logo to give it a stylish touch. And the table moves on casters for easy repositioning. Move it out of the way in between matches, or roll it out for the whole family to enjoy. The Fusion table tennis table folds easily for playback and storage.

Also available with green accents

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Employees love this


In an effort to enhance wellness in our organization, our employee's group decided that table tennis would be a good thing. I was tasked to locate a table tennis unit that could easily meet that goal/objective and stay within budget. I looked at several models at various price points. We decided on the Prince Fusion Elite Table Tennis Table in black. We set the table tennis table up and initially just got employees used to the idea that part of the break room was now going to be available for the sport. Next, we set up a league and permitted folks to choose up partners. This table has been the impetus for a lot of good--folks are meeting and talking with other employees that they would not typically have had the opportunity to interact with. It has built friendly competition and I believe has had a positive impact on the intended "getting fitter" goal. The unit, itself, was very easy to set up. It is high quality and sturdy. I say sturdy because we been using it with great regularity and it has held up very well. Some of the players are more animated that others, so it has on occasion taken a beating. But it has thus far held up really well. I think we got a "winner" with this table,


Sacramento, CA


Prince Fusion Elite Table Tennis Table - Black

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